Attempts To Pin Blame On Accuser

Navy Doc Denies Gay Sex Tape Allegations

Commander Kevin J. Ronan told quite a tale during his sex-tape trial yesterday. The scandalized Navy man stands accused of using a secret camera to tape midshipmen making whoopee with their respective women.

Ronan admitted buying an air purifier with a hidden camera, but says he used it to monitor the men’s partying, not their fornicating. He insists he would never violate his charges, describing their relationship as “parental”.

Said Ronan: “I didn’t do anything wrong…I felt like they were my guys.”

365Gay provides some more of the convoluted details:

Under cross-examination, Ronan denied that his handwriting was on a DVD recording of the midshipmen, although it appeared similar to notes Ronan made on a medical record. He also claimed he did not use his credit card to buy a subscription to the site of a porn star, despite records presented by prosecutors.

Ronan said he bought the “nanny cam” spy camera in early 2006 to make sure students weren’t misbehaving in his house and to verify neighbor complaints about his dog barking while he was away.

Ronan also claims to have only tested the camera and attempted to place blame on the midshipman who turned him in. Ronan testified that student created the tapes to play extortion, a plausible yet wholly unbelievable story.