Former Charge Testifies, Lies

Gay Navy Doctor Trial Marches On

The trial against Navy doctor Kevin J. Ronan keeps heating up. Former Navy man Andy Strasdas testified this week about how he discovered Ronan’s collection of tapes Ronan secretly made of Strasdas and eight other men who stayed at his house.

Though he originally claimed to have only found two tapes, which he turned over to military officials, Strasdas admitted that he uncovered four tapes, a detail the defense used to call Strasdas’ character into question. Strasdas said he hid two tapes because he feared the Navy would cover it up. What a conscientious objector…

Prosecutors glossed over Strasdas’ lie, insisting that it does nothing to alleviate the accusations against Ronan:

Prosecutors told jurors that even if they don’t find Strasdas believable, there is still ample evidence – including handwriting samples, proof that Ronan ordered surveillance equipment, and gay pornography found on his computer that proved his sexual attraction to “young, athletic males” – to convict him.

So, Ronan’s secret tape collection isn’t really the problem: it’s his sexuality. Yet again the United States military makes being gay a crime. Invading and occupying a peaceful nation? Total legal.