Gay Nigerian Activists Beg For Akinola’s Mercy

Anglican leaders will gather in Tanzania later this week to duke it out on the international churches most divisive issues, particularly the institution’s stance on the homos. It will certainly be an eventful weekend, as more conservative leaders take a stand against Presiding Episcopal Bishop Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson. Of those leaders, Nigerian archbishop and virulent homophobe Peter Akinola‘s voice will undoubtedly be the loudest. Before Akinola wears out his vocal cords, however, a number of Nigerian activists are asking him to raise his fist against the African nation’s proposed ban on homosexuality.

You may recall the long-dormant bill got a breath of fresh air a few months back, a resurrection Nigerian activists blame on the British-based Outrage! and other international gay rights organizations. Regardless of who’s to blame, the discriminatory documents will effectively outlaw same-sex relations. In a list ditch effort, pro-gay Christian non-profit, Changing Attitude Nigeria has penned a desperate letter to Akinola and his allies.

In a letter that opens with an indictment of Outrage! and like-minded groups, CAN writes:

If this bill is not stopped now it will make most lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people illegal in their own country. With their families and friends and anyone they associate with, they will be immediately criminalized… Any bishop or priest who befriends, baptizes, confirms or welcomes an LGBT person into their church will also be guilty of a criminal offense.

We are appealing to the Primates in the name of God to add your voices to others who have been calling on the Nigerian Government to stop progress on this bill and withdraw it immediately. The bill will make it impossible for the Anglican Communion to engage in the listening process in Nigeria to which you, the Primates, have committed yourselves… It criminalizes a group which the church claims to love and should in Christian charity be determined to protect from abuse and persecution.

Certainly a compelling argument, but we have a sinking feeling Akinola will just throw it away. Or, maybe, wipe his stank ass.

Either way, ‘A’ for effort…