Advertisers Flee Unnecessarily

Gay Nup Announcement Sparks Paper Scandal

There’s quite a stink rising in Missouri, where the Warrensburg’s The Daily Star-Journal published a same-sex wedding announcement.

Rather than celebrating the blessed event, many of the town’s backward residents took it upon themselves to write nasty letters. One letter, from a Baptist minister named Bob Ingle, read: “Your bold decision to promote this lifestyle is a flagrant attack on the traditional family God has instituted for us.” Six similar missives appeared in Friday’s edition.

As the brouhaha continues to rise, three advertisers have pulled their supportive dough from the paper. Before you assume all of the town’s denizens are hateful fucks, Daily Kos reports that at least three people wrote loving letters, including one reading:

It seems that these readers (who claim to be “the majority”) feel that a newspaper should only advertise or reflect values they consider right and moral. Their viewpoint doesn’t allow much room for the publishing of perspectives divergent from their own. Freedom of the press is endangered when individuals or groups seek to control the media to force their values on others. When I see this happening, I am disappointed.

Well, good to know not everyone in the small city’s totally out of touch with social evolution and, more importantly, constitutional rights. Now, if only this person could educate their fellow citizens…