Gay Nup Supporters Want More from Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were recently wed in a very well-publicized ceremony in Beverly Hills. After that, DeGeneres took to her blog to decry California’s Proposition 8, the constitutional amendment that would eliminate same sex couples’ right to marry.

Yet despite all the good she’s done for gay rights in California, there’s a rumbling from other Proposition 8 opponents who say DeGeneres needs to contribute more.


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  • ChristopherM

    Ellens actions on behalf of the No to 8 campaign bought them more goodwill than $5 million in donations. These bitches need to get off her hump.

  • MX3

    Why must every GLBT person in show-biz suddenly become an activist? They are in show-biz, not politics. It is up to Ellen what she should or should not do, none of us are living her life. Activism would not suit the type of fame she has crafted for herself, and her very presence in millions of households each day with none of them giving one heck of a damn about her being a lesbian has done much for our “cause” all on its own.

  • JJ

    Ellen is rich. She needs to step up. She also didn’t honor the writer’s strike.

    Maybe all those stories and rumours about how she got to be the star of that first “Friends-like” sitcom she was on…remember they changed the name to “Ellen” are true.

    If Steven Spielberg and Brad Pitt can donate, so can she.

  • blake


    Jeez aren’t you being a bit harsh? Ellen has been at the forefront of the gay rights struggle in Hollywood for a decade.

    What have you done for gay people? Rosa Parks wasn’t rich or famous. Harvey Milk wasn’t rich or famous. What sacrifices have you made?

    Ellen is not a saint. She’s a human being. I don’t watch her show because she’s kinda boring. But I respect her.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Ellen has done more for gay marriage simply by availing herself of the opportunity to marry when it became possible than any amount of talk or money can do.

  • JJ

    Ellen needs to put her money where her mouth is. She is in a very privileged position, and she should be contributing financially as well as in other ways. This is not a discretionary struggle. That’s my opinion.

    I agree with those who are calling her out, even if one of them is Perez Hilton.

  • Madam HoVery

    I know many people are saying that by being there the gay celebrities are putting the focus on the viability and validity on gay marriage. While there is truth to that notion I would still say, “Those who can should…!” Politics needs money! If you want your opinion validated in the public arena, you better have the cold, hard, cash! Also, with the risk of sounding cynical, photo ops are just another chance at self promotion for celebrities. I am sorry but let us be honest here!

  • Kdogg

    I think its dumb to ask why GLBT expects Ellen to step up. She became an activist when she decided to come out on national television as a spokesperson for the GLBT community.

    She in my view still does contribute in NUMEROUS ways to positive GLBT press and I do not want to hate on her. Gay marriage is obviously important to her considering she was just married. In addition the positive publicity she has brought through her marriage and show are better than donating a million dollars if you ask me.

  • Kdogg

    Further, have the haters donated money themselves, because if the millions of GLBT people in America cared and donated even fifty to one hundred dollars we’d absolutely have a much larger amount raised.

    Does anyone have a link to a site where we can donate to vote no on Prop 8 in California? Then we can actual contribute to solving the problem instead of hating on each other.

  • ben

    You can’t buy a vote. The money would just be used to publicize the fact there is going to be a vote on Prop 8, ask people to participate and air arguments against Prop 8. Ellen has already provided more publicity, made a more eloquent argument and connected with more people over the issue than the activist groups are going to be able to do with all their millions.

    Ellen gives lots to charities, including gay ones, already. It’s her business how much more she wants to give and to what agencies.

  • greybat

    They money goes to publicize the initiative drive, because strangely, many people will not know what it’s about.
    My own dear sister-in-law voted for DOMA, because her own marriage was in jeopardy, and she thought it might fund some support for troubled marriages.
    That seems pretty lame to sophisticated people like ourselves, but that’s what we’re up against.

  • alan brickman

    make an donation already it is 5 million in publicity ellen…otherwisw it sounds shameful and derogatory…

  • Ani

    Ellen needs to donate! She has profited enough from being gay! In my opinion, being gay made her famous! I thing she needs to start giving! She has turned into one of the BIGGEST HOLLYWOOD sell-outs and, in reality, she is disrespectful and lives without regard for others!

    I believe she banks off of being gay! Her sitcom was second rate and her comedy I give a C+ I think the her first and only funny moment was her phone call to God.
    WHAT about the profits from Portia and her’s People Magazine cover? She did not need to bank that! She told her viewers that she WOULD NOT make $$ from selling her wedding story…and she did! I think she is shameful and a liar.

    I can’t get over she has not contributed yet. I wonder if she is secretly hoping PROP 8 passes so she does not lose her $$ when Portia dumps her phony and hypocritical butt.


  • Ani

    WHICH CHARITIES DOES ELLEN DONATE TO?? I can’t find one! She gave one time $10,000 to IDOL Gives Back and other than that she has not given to anyone! IT is her sponsor’s money that she donates and I bet she TAKES a CUT from the money for charity too!


    Please, I have done my research! Aside from the afore mentioned charity, I beg anyone to list charities that ELLEN herself out of pocket has donated to!!!

    Educate yourself america!

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