Gay Nups: Obama’s Friend Or Foe?

We’ve all heard the debate on whether gay marriage will hurt John McCain. Well, now the tables are flipped a bit: could California’s ruling – and other state initiatives – help presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama?

Yes, according to Democratic political strategist Darry Sragow. But, also, possibly no.

As has been mentioned before, Obama has done a tremendous job energizing young and other news voters, groups who may be inclined to vote against anti-gay legislation. The youth vote, however, solves only part of the problem. Obama, Sragow says, will have to measure homo sentiment across all 50 states:

With Obama turning out the young and educated,” says Sragow, “(the anti-gay marriage initiative) obviously adds fuel to the fire.”

Sragow believes leaders in the gay community have already reached out to the Obama campaign, but the senator will have to consider his position carefully. “He’s running to be president of all 50 states,” says the political strategist. In other words, Obama needs to gauge how any kind of support for gay marriage will affect him throughout the United States, not just the Golden State.

Sragow says if Obama played it right, he would create a “floor” and a “ceiling,” telling voters on the campaign trail that civil unions–the “floor” and Obama’s current position–should be available to all gay couples, with marriage–the “ceiling”–to be determined by the states.

Obama has already seemed to take that line.

Yes, he has. And, to flip things again, there’s also debate on whether Obama’s “lackluster” position will hurt him among the homos.

The latest Gallup opinion poll puts Obama ahead of McCain, by only by the tiniest of margin: 47 to 44 percent. If gays swing away from Obama, then they could feasibly give this shit to McCain. And, to agree with LA Times‘ Patrick Ranch McDonald concludes, Obama and his campaign needs to kiss some major gay ass.