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Weatherman fired over leaked webcam pics vows to fight back: “I don’t apologize for being sex-positive”

Erick Adame
Erick Adame (Photo: Spectrum NY1)

An Emmy-nominated TV weatherman in New York City claims he was fired after someone sent his boss leaked webcam photos.

Erick Adame worked for Spectrum News NY1. Yesterday, he wrote a lengthy post on Instagram revealing the reasons behind his termination.

He said that he was taking steps to address his “compulsive behavior”. However, he refused to apologize for being “openly gay” and “sex positive.”

He hopes that other newsrooms consider hiring him and judge him for his years of expertise as a meteorologist.


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“I have recently been terminated from my job as the meteorologist at Spectrum News NY1 in NYC. I am taking this opportunity to share my truth rather than let others control the narrative of my life,” he began.

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“My psychiatrist calls my actions ‘compulsive behavior,’ others would call them reckless, stupid or brazen. I’m not in a position to argue with any of these descriptions.”

“Despite being a public figure and being on television in the biggest market in the country in front of millions of people five days a week for more than a decade and a half, I secretly appeared on an adult webcam website,” he continued.

“On this site, I acted out my compulsive behaviors, while at home, by performing on camera for other men.”

“It was 100% consensual on both of our parts. I wasn’t paid for this, and it was absurd of me to think I could keep this private. Nonetheless, my employer found out and I was suspended and then terminated.”

“You expected and deserved better from me”

Adame went on to apologize to colleagues, family and friends “for any embarrassment or humiliation I have caused you. You expected and deserved better from me.

“I can’t take it back, and I can’t change what I did, but I am getting the professional help I need so I can make appropriate decisions that don’t affect those that I care deeply about, as well as my career, as I move forward in life.

“As a public figure I recognize I have certain responsibilities that come along with the privilege I enjoyed. But let me be clear about something: I don’t apologize for being openly gay or for being sex-positive—those are gifts and I have no shame about them.

“Right now I’m adrift in my life for the first time in many years. I had the job of my dreams and I lost it due to my own lapse in judgment. But, I’m optimistic, and perhaps naive enough to think that I can be back on television and do this again someday. After all, the odds were against me almost two decades ago as the son of working-class Mexican immigrants who was the first in the family to go to college; the first to be on television; the first to ‘make something of himself.’

Appeals to others to hire him

Adame went on to appeal to news directors across the country.

“Please judge me on the hundreds, thousands of hours of television that I am so proud of and that my employers have always commended me for, and not a couple of minutes of salacious video that is probably going to soon define me in our ‘click-bait’ culture.

“All talent is fallible, full of human foibles, and your job is not made easier by our antics. One thing I can promise is that I have learned a lesson and I will be an exemplary employee and the most informed and enthusiastic meteorologist you have ever seen.”

He thanked people for taking the time to read his words. He concluded, “Even at this horrible, humbling moment, I have nothing but love and gratitude for all of you and the world. I absolutely loved my job and being part of your day for years was an absolute honor. I have been blessed and know it and will act accordingly moving forward.”

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Adame takes legal action against webcam site

Adame has been on TV for 15 years, with the last five at Spectrum NY1.

Yesterday, in papers filed in a Manhattan court, Adame asked a judge to force the webcam site to reveal details of the user who copied his images. The Daily Beast first obtained the litigation.

The business was identified in papers only as Unit 4 Media, Ltd. The papers say that in late 2021 the anonymous user “wrongfully copied unclothed images” of Adame “by taking screenshots.”

It goes on to say the user then sent the images to Adame’s mother and employer, “with the intent of harassing, annoying, or alarming.”

Spectrum has yet to make any statement about Adame’s termination.

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