Gay Ohio Teen Whose Beating Was Filmed Speaks Publicly About Years Of Abuse

Queerty reported last fall about the brutal assault of gay Unioto High School student Zach Huston, whose unprovoked attack was recorded and uploaded online.

Now Zach and his mom, Becky Collins, are coming forward to share his story in a new video.  Mother and son describe the years of discrimination and harassment Zach endured and the utter lack of response to Becky’s many pleas to school officials to protect her son.

“I didn’t feel like I could go and talk to anyone at school,” Zach says in the video, “because I didn’t trust anybody.”

The ACLU released the clip, as well as a a short blog about Zach and information about upcoming congressional legislation aimed at stemming such abuse:

The Student Non-Discrimination Act would have a profound impact  on the lives of LGBT students in the U.S. by ensuring that discrimination and harassment of students on the basis of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity has no place in our country’s public elementary and secondary schools.