Gay Olympic Athletes, Tourists Can Get Arrested Too, Says Russian Lawmaker

vitaly-milonovDespite the International Olympic Committee’s assurance that gay athletes and spectators would be exempt from Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law, the law’s co-sponsor has said it will in fact remain in force during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. According to Vitaly Milonov, the government cannot selectively enforce the law.

“I have not heard any comments from the government of the Russian Federation but I know it is acting in accordance with Russian law,” Milonov told Interfax, as interpreted by Gay Star News. “If a law has been approved by the federal legislature and signed by the president, then the government has no right to suspend it. It doesn’t have the authority.”

Milonov was responsible for the gay propaganda ban in St. Petersburg, which the entire country later adopted, adding that the law is meant to protect the children and has nothing to do with the “ordinary life of adults.”

The lawmaker went on to say that he personally does not know any LGBT people — shockingly — and maintains that nary a Russian figure skater is a friend of Dorothy (Hamill).

“I can say that the best figure-skating in the world is the Soviet school of figure skating,” Milonov bragged. “All of our people have been brought up in a very traditional way, I am personally acquainted with many Olympic champions. In fact, I practically grew up among many of those families.”

While a boycott of all things Russian including vodka has picked up steam, a White House petition to place Milonov and State Duma deputy Elena Mizulina on a blacklist for entrance visas is still quite a ways from garnering the 100,000 signatures it needs to be considered by Secretary of State John Kerry.

The petition has been endorsed by Russian LGBT activist Nikolai Alekseev, who said last week, “Nothing else will work.” For his part, though, Milonov is not worried about the proposed blacklist, claiming that he’s received support from American politicians.

“Having spoken with many American politicians, I understand that they support the stance I’ve taken on this issue,” he told RIA Novosti.”Such support has also been expressed to me by several members of German parliament.”

The news of the Russian government’s alleged plan to enforce it’s discriminatory law against “non-traditional relationships” may be upsetting to athletes and prospective spectators of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, but so what? As visitors, being blissfully exempt from persecution while all around them people suffer the slings and arrows of injustice smacks of not only negligence, but irresponsibility. Whether or not you agree on a ban on vodka or the Olympics, the loss of rights for a few is a loss for all.

And as for there being no gay Russian figure skaters — has Vitaly Milonov seen this shirt? It literally just made this writer so gay that I’m technically straight right now. Thanks, Russia. Dicks.

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  • dnyboy

    I almost want them to enforce it during the Olympics because then the international community would be forced to do something when their own athletes or spectators become victims to this law. Right now, many countries haven’t given any support to the Russian gay community. But imagine the backlash if one of the high profile athletes got arrested.

  • Shanestud

    Watch out Vitaly Milonov. Your failed use of peroxide may make him an obvious suspect for bad gay hair. History keeps showing us that many times these fiercely anti-gay politicians are struggling with their own internalized homophobia. Next time Vitaly, go for Lucille Ball redhead instead

  • tallskin2

    Not a looker is he.

    I don’t think I want him sitting on my face – either literally or metaphorically

  • Kathukid

    South Africa was banned from the Olympics for apartheid. Russia should be banned for gay apartheid. Boycott the Russian Olympics.

  • Meri

    I say It is a big trap. the way i see it happening (hopefully not) but they start the physicals, and the ones they think are LGBT, they tell them please go through this door after their physical( the others will be sent out a different door from the physical) and when they do they arrest them and by the time any one notices any one missing they are all in Russian jail. then people from different countries will be trapped In Russian prison for who knows how long.

  • Adam

    @Meri: 14 days is what the law says is jail time for foreigners then expulsion from the country.

  • Icebloo

    There will be no boycott of the Russian Olympics the same way there was no boycott of the Chinese or Korean Olympics – countries whose record on the human rights of gay people are just as bad. There was also no boycott of the Australian Olympics despite their horrific treatment of the native Aboriginal people.

    The Olympics are about money. They are not about sport or social issues. The International Olympic Committee is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world – they don’t care about gay people or any people – they just want to make lots of money.

    Big businesses who sponsor the Olympics only care about making money. Why are none of the big business sponsors boycotting ? I’m sure Coke, Pepsi and McDonalds will all be heavily represented at the event. Politicians and CEO’s may SAY they support gay rights but when it comes down to it they care more about money.

    ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS.

  • Polaro

    Russia…what the fuck. Seriously screwed up, corrupt, belligerent, stubborn and backwards place. They should never have gotten the Olympics. Let’s make sure places like this never get things like the Olympics again.

  • rextrek

    For his part, though, Milonov is not worried about the proposed blacklist, claiming that he’s received support from American politicians.

    REALLY now…???? WHOM Are these politicians ? please do tell……we’re all ears….

  • Wayne_in_NYC

    @rextrek: You can bet your sweet bippy that they all have (R) after their names! The first one on the list is probably Speaker Boner (R)…

  • CJ

    Historically, the athletes and coaches have enjoyed de facto diplomatic immunity, to some degree. Perhaps it is time to codify exactly the extent of such immunity. Nonsignatories of the treaty would be ineligible to host the Olympics.

  • jds

    Just read In ‘The Garden Of The Beasts’ about the rise of the political party that eliminated about 8 million people in Germany while the world pretended not to notice.
    The Leader of Germany stormed out of the German Olympics when a person of color won an Olympic event.
    “He who does not know history is doomed to repeat it”.

  • Eiswirth

    My fondest wish is that after winning a gold medal, the athlete will face the press and tell Putin to go fuck himself for his 15th-century homophobic mindset. And chances are good it’ll be a Russian figure skater.

  • fredhotman

    Entrapment is a good action to watch. The authorities have the support of the law & at their discretion they will have a field day. Once you are caught up it will take a while & money to extricate yourself from these clutches. Bravado is not good in an foreign country. Boycott, boycott…hit the pocket.

  • steveleong

    Protecting their children. From what? THE TRUTH!!!
    As they promote discrimination, condemnation, and crucifixion upon their OWN Gay children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, more and more will be born on to them.

    What one sows, so shall they reap.

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