Gay On Gay Crime: Murderer Of Out UK Teen Gets 18 Years

Craig Roy, 19, was sentenced to life in prison last week for the vicious murder of Jack Frew, a gay teenager Roy claims tried to blackmail him into having sex, reports The Guardian. Roy was found guilty by the High Court in Scotland in January, followed by sentencing on Thursday. He must serve a minimum of 18 years behind bars.

Back in May 2010, Frew was stabbed 20 times with a kitchen knife—lacerating his windpipe and puncturing his lungs—in the woods near his school in South Lanarkshire, Scotland,. He eventually bled to death.

The judge described the murder as a “brutal, sustained and merciless attack,” during sentencing.

At the trial last year, Roy testified he cheated on his long-term boyfriend with Frew, but felt great remorse. On the night of the murder, Roy apparently sent Frew a text message asking him to meet in the woods. Roy claims he only wanted to scare Frew into leaving him alone. (Initially he had claimed both he and Frew were attacked by others.)

As Frew bled out, Roy called his boyfriend for help.

In all honesty, when we first started reading about this case, we just assumed this was some pussy-ass closet case who freaked out about hooking up with a homo, killed him, and then tried some lame “gay panic” defense.
But when we saw Roy was gay, too, it made us even angrier. We don’t have enough people who want us dead, we have start killing each other?
Roy won’t even be 40 when he gets out of prison—somehow that doesn’t seem like a strong enough sentence.

Photo via Strathclyde Police