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  • Ryan

    Gatwick Airport isn’t in southern England. It’s the other airport in London…

  • Kid A

    Probably one of the more ugly and awkward images I’ve seen in a while.

  • tavdy79

    @Ryan: Quick geography lesson:

    “Southern England” is all of England south of the Midlands. This includes the South East (Home Counties) East of England (East Anglia) South West (Westcountry & Severn Valley) and Greater London. Any airport in one of these four regions, such as Gatwick, is in southern England.

    Also, while Gatwick is one of the main London airports, it’s quite a long way outside London – roughly 30 miles south. Of the five main London airports only two (Heathrow & London City) are inside Greater London, and none are within the City itself. “The other airport in London” is London City, since Heathrow is by far the bigger and more important of the two.

    So Queerty was right to say “Gatwick airport in southern England”.

  • Rick

    So does that make the airplane’s tail fin it’s penis?

  • naprem

    @Ryan: @tavdy79: I believe that’s what’s termed “getting told.”

  • WTF?

    Can I just go on record to say I can’t stand those scarves? I’m sick of seeing them. I’ve taken to dubbing them “tool towels”. Please, as the butch girl with the spikey blonde hair once begged, “Stop The Insanity”! I can even swallow the retro Wavefarers and vests (both of which we’ve seen ebb back in and out of fashion for decades), but those psuedo-ethnic scarves are just obnoxious. I don’t know why I hate them so.

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