Gay Oregon Teen Jadin Bell Commits Suicide After Enduring Years Of Bullying

Jadin BellAnother young person has died as a result of anti-gay bullying: Jadin Bell, a 15-year-old sophomore at La Grande High School in La Grande, Oregon, was taken off life support last week, after hanging himself in a school playground.

Earlier in the week, nearly 200 people attended a vigil for Bell at a nearby art center, where dozens of photos of the bright-looking youth were on display.

“Jadin is one of the best people I have ever met. He makes everyone around him feel good all the time,” said LHS junior Frankie Benitez.

She said Bell is someone who never forgets his friends.

“Jadin always remembers people no matter what,” Benitez said. “If I felt bad, I would hang out with him and he would say something small like, ‘I love your sweater.’ He notices things you didn’t think anyone notices.”

Another girl described Jadin as the sweetest boy she had ever met. She recalled that when she transferred to LHS, Bell was the first person she did not know to talk to her.

Bell was a member of the LHS cheerleading team and volunteered at an assisted-living facility in town. But his sexuality and sensitive nature made him a target for bullies, both at school and on the Web, said family friend Bud Hill: “He was different, and they tend to pick on the different ones.”


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  • Chad Hunt

    When is the American Education System Going to learn. We need a compulsory social studies class taught on the elementary, middle, and high school levels that focus on acceptance of sexuality, religion, ethnicities, body image, gender, and social classes.

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!! How many more children need to die?

  • CM79

    But the younger generation is supposed to be so much more socially accepting of the LGBT community. Let’s not kid ourselves.

  • Fidelio

    This truly breaks my heart. What are these kids experiencing that gives them greater courage to take their own lives instead of confronting the very thing(s) that cause them to take their lives? Let’s move the conversation forward for more meaningful action. Is this a product social media and a mode of life in the 21st century? Is this a product of hyper-partisanship in politics, which trickles down to children? And as hard as it is to confront, we must ask whether these type suicides are a method of martyrdom for some of these youth. I don’t believe this is solely a matter of bullying, anymore. There seems to be a level of comorbidity afflicting our youth. To say it’s just bullying, in my view, is a bit of disservice to this phenomena.

  • Kieran

    This is a tragic story, but being a gay teenager who kills himself shouldn’t be a way of getting an instant 15 minutes of fame. Suicide is definitely NOT the answer to homophobic bullying.

  • mikro

    Another young life lost. Our rural LGBTQ kids really have no resources easily accessed.
    What has the world been deprived of with the death of this young man? This gentle boy
    suffered for being kind & caring. Then he could stand the torment no more.
    I don’t know the answer to this problem. Obviously,if Jadin availed himself of current national programs geared to our LGBTQ youth, it was insufficient.
    We can not teach tolerance to those who will not learn. Also, bullying will always exist to some degree. The widespread utilization of the various social media seems to be implicated, to varying degree, in this victimization. School administrators must respond sooner rather than later. What to do when this happens outside of school? Law enforcement will not always treat these matters with the priority that they deserve.
    I think that the parent(s) of any rural LGBTQ youth should consider (if possible), for their child’s sake, the placement of that child in the home of an accepting relative r
    friend who resides in, or near, a metropolitan area.

  • mikro

    @Fidelio: It isn’t courage that allows them to commit suicide.
    It is desperation and despair. It’s not having access to a larger LGBTQ community that might provide some support. Sometimes I wish that these kids could somehow escape to the cities.
    Obviously without being homeless runaways. If only we could somehow start a program that would let parents of an at risk youth be placed with urban families willing to help. If our community responded we might allay some parental reservations by placing kids with singles,or couples, of the opposite sex.
    I don’t pretend to know the answer. I’m just tired of this loss of innocent life and the loss to society of the contributions these children would have made in the course of their lives.

  • balehead

    His bullies will come out at their graduations and be rewarded….

  • Gigi Gee

    “Bell was a member of the LHS cheerleading team…” Well there you go. HUGE part of the problem.

  • mikro

    @Kieran: Do you really mean to suggest that kids are killing themselves for posthumous self-promotion & gratification? I guess you’re sure of an afterlife. In all my reading regarding beliefs in an afterlife, they all seem to regard suicide as an obstacle to a peaceful post-life experience. i doubt a tortured soul in life
    would commit such an act if they thought the suffering after death would be worse than in life.

  • marc sfe

    @Erin: according to huffington post, 35 minutes ago, this article is correct. Truly sad and heartbreaking, but correct.

  • mikro

    @Gigi Gee: So he contributed to his own bullying? Wow!! Just like saying a woman was raped because she was dressed provocatively. I’m fucking 60 YEARS OLD and I find your remark offensive. You really need to stop & think about your attitude.

  • marc sfe

    @Kieran: Seriously Kieran?? What good is this 15 minutes of fame you’re writing about?? No, suicide is not the answer, but when one gets to that point in life where the person feels they can’t take any more, then it is the answer in their mind. Until you’ve been in that position, of feeling utter despair, do not judge anyone.

  • Ted Lemen

    Where are the organizations that will provide some other place to live for these desperate teens? I contribute to the Trevor Project so they can maintain a hotline for them. But, if I were to say “Come stay with me” I’d be branded a pedophile even if my intention was only to provide a safe haven for someone who would otherwise hang themselves. Where is there a really “safe haven” so teens don’t have to decide suicide is their only answer in the world? Boys Town is Nebraska (and Father Cassidy’s ‘Home on the Range’ years ago) provided spots for this exact demographic. Would you choose between death and going to live with someone who wouldn’t molest you, would be your friend and mentor, would give you an education and hot meals–just to be rewarded with your not killing yourself? I’m that kind of person but have never applied to be a foster or adoptive parent because I don’t want to be crucified in the process. I give to Heifer to help people feed themselves, even though I’ve never see them or been to some remote locale; I support food banks in my area even though I’m not missing any meals and can’t imagine how that might feel; I support cat shelters because they, too, are vulnerable and unable to help themselves other than by grubbing in the garbage if they are ferrel and living outside. I would gladly clear out a room and give a gay youth a safe place absent of bullying and criticism–without demanding anything in return….but that’s not going to happen in an era of priests who prey on kids, Gacy’s blood now being linked to youngsters who died in Michigan and other places and a general fear that pervs are lurking behind every tree.

  • marc sfe

    @Fidelio: It’s not courage, it is total and utter despair.

  • Merv

    Congratulations, Christians. Now, you can carve another notch in your Bibles.

  • mikro

    @Ted Lemen: How right you are. It is unfortunate. I would do the same as you. These kids do really need to be relocated. I think you might be off-base about Boys Town. I don’t see any Catholic affiliated organization as being a haven for gay kids. But obviously if Jadin called The Trevor Project it was’t sufficient. See my post regarding the article in addition to my posts in response to some other commentators.

  • Cam

    To all the Log Cabiners supporting candidates who vote for anti-gay bills, or who say that bullies and not their victims should be protected. Please think before the next election.

  • Aidan8

    @Gigi Gee: Can we all assume you are being sarcastic?? Please, tell me you’re being sarcastic… please… please don’t let that post not be sarcastic.

  • Aidan8

    @Kieran: 15 minutes of fame?? You can’t be serious.

  • Fidelio

    @mikro: I @mikro: No doubt these kids are in utter despair and, to them, this is the only answer. But should we accept that the bullies or other external circumstances are stronger forces than the loss of a life? I say, No. I think we ought to rethink this message of “victimization” with a message of fighting back. And I know alot of you don’t like that word. But it seems It Gets Better is coming up a little short. Simply put, we need to do more to teach gay youth to stand up and fight back.

  • startenout

    This makes me so sad. Please, instead of the sniping at each other on these message boards, can we talk about what we as people and a community can actually DO to make this stop?

  • Ted Lemen

    I meant Boystown not as the prime example of a place nurturing gay teens, especially with their homophobic church leanings, but only as a place where kids who were orphaned or not wanted finding a place of refuge. Didn’t mean to mislead anyone about the Boystown origins or even what has become of them. I remember getting an envelope each Fall with stickers to apply to your Christmas cards with father Flanigan’s Boystown on them, and from the good impressions I got from the movie, I thought if my parents ever found out about me and disowned me, I could go to Nebraska, and hopefully not get hit by a car. Now, that would probably be one of the worst places a gay kid could go, what with the Catholic church being so anti-gay and politics in Nebraska being so right-wing.

  • mikeincleveland

    Yeah, he’s not dead, just in critical condition. The headline of the local paper this story links to states as much. The supportive FB page that’s been launched by friends and family is here: http://www.facebook.com/StayStrongJadin . On it the most recent post as of Jan 25 says he squeezed his dad’s hand. Things are not good for the poor guy, no doubt and he has a journey ahead of him to get well. Hope he pulls through and can become a role model for other kids thinking of killing themselves that there is hope and love all around despite how dark the days can seem.

  • Charles175

    This is the biggest reason why I deeply loath Fundamentalism.

  • Billysees

    @mikeincleveland: 24

    Hope he pulls through too.

    He can or will be a help to others.

  • mikro

    @Fidelio: The first problem is that these kids have is that they are in rural areas or smaller communities far removed from metropolitan areas. They are, for all intents & purposes, isolated & alone. By alone, I mean without any other out gays in meaningful numbers. Most are reticent about promptly reporting the bullying for fear of increased harassment. As for fighting back, anything physical, even if not initiated by the victim, could very well be attributed to the victim. It’s always easier to accuse a single person than a group. Gay kids have been cited by school administrators as being the disruptive ones.

  • mikro

    @Aaron: @Aaron: There are programs like this in Detroit, Florida, and Los Angeles. Probably many more we aren’t aware of. Larger programs like the Ali Forney Center in NYC exist for the same purpose. Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund, Forty to None Project, and the Green Chimneys NYC Projects all serve this purpose.
    We have two separate problems here. First these programs serve homeless youth. None of these programs nor all of the programs combined have adequate resources to serve all these children. The LGBTQ youth committing suicide we READ about have all lived at home. We probably will never know about the homeless kids who take their own lives.
    It’s estimated that there are 1,500,000 homeless youth in the USA. Estimates of the LGBTQ
    population in that number range from 20% to 40%.
    The other problem is how to reach, with meaningful & effective support, the kids at home in communities far removed from major metropolitan areas.

  • mikro

    @Aidan8: If you aren’t right you just might have provided an out for this comment. No suicide should be the subject for sarcasm. Sarcasm is best vocalized as the tone of voice is what identifies it.

  • mikro

    @Merv: I’m not defending Christians, but did you consider that
    he was more likely being tormented by the typical high school testosterone fueled fools that were motivated (without any conscious awareness) by the survival of the fittest rather than some so-called Christian beliefs? I think we can all agree that any true Christian would not have been a participant. FYI I am a long time(47 years) non-practicing Roman Catholic aka “recovering Catholic”. I have not actively practiced any other religion except for attending ceremonies at a Buddhist temple for a period of about four months. That was twenty years ago.

  • Andrew

    We can speculate on why Jadin made the decision he did but that won’t change the outcome. Teens everywhere gay, curious, or straight, face the same challenges. Jadin reminds us that the worst weapon against our progress is silence. The media exploits this story now for ratings, but the conversation must continue. We leave Jadin in God’s hands, not knowing all the answers. Only that God’s hand is leading us and His love supporting us; through Jesus Christ our Lord

  • Boytoy

    So sad.

  • Charlie in Charge

    @Gigi Gee: Sounds like you are just the same as those who bullied him.

  • mikro

    @Charles175: Please see my reply to Merv.

  • mikro

    As of 12:02 PM EST on 1/30/13 according to patient info at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Jadin Bell “is listed as admitted, not deceased”. When asked about his condition I was told
    that they would have to connect me to the ICU. Not wanting to interfere with patient care I declined the offer. Obviously one should be able to surmise his condition by the unit he is in.
    I, and I/m sure all others on this site, hope, not only for Jadin’s survival but also that he suffered no permanent brain damage.

  • Merv

    @mikro: “I think we can all agree that any true Christian would not have been a participant.”

    Actually, I would hold the exact opposite is true. Christianity is the cause of pretty much all anti-gay activity today. Its public voice is unanimously anti-gay. Its writings are explicitly and violently anti-gay. If anything, it’s the so-called moderates who are not “true Christians.”

  • John Weir

    Here’s something I wrote about being bullied in grade school and high school. It starts with Jodie Foster and ends with a one-act play:


  • mikro

    @Merv: Merv You miss the point. There are no hateful words attributed to Christ regarding homosexuality. A true Christian follows his teachings and disregards any to the contrary. So, are you of the opinion that EVERY Christian is a hater? That’s a very broad brush to paint with. What was your religious affiliation?

  • mikro

    @Merv: By the way, when you quoted my post you completely omitted any mention of the possibility his bullies were just the everyday type who prey on those that they perceive as weaker?

  • randallreynolds

    Jadin Bell was killed by Religion.

  • the other Greg

    I’m no fan of religion, but I had plenty of bullies at public school when I was a kid and they never seemed to be motivated by religion! Gotta agree with mikro here: they just seemed to be testosterone-fueled thugs who I’m guessing had never seen the inside of a church at any point.

    I was never Catholic so maybe it’s different at a Catholic (or fundamentalist) school, but at the typical public school it makes no sense to attribute each and every instance of anti-gay bullying to the supposed influence of religion.

  • mikro

    Wow!! Although religion has much to do with society’s view of homosexuality to blame religion for all the negative perceptions of homosexuality is ludicrous. For your info, I haven’t practiced any religion for longer than most of you on this site have drawn breath.
    I was born in a less tolerant time, when we were still considered to suffer from a mental
    illness. More than 15 years before Stonewall. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY. I came from a fairly religious family, in a mostly Italian neighborhood. I attended Catholic school through the tenth grade. I came out when I was 13. I was accepted by all my friends and family. I did have a couple of friend’s whose parents didn’t want me around their sons. But, I’m sure that’s because it became common knowledge that I had sex with two other friends in our group. I was bullied between the ages of 10 & 12. My bullies came from homes where the parents weren’t religious. None were motivated by anything other than the fact I was smaller & weaker. Every bully I’ve ever run into has done it for the same reason. Don’t you think that puberty & hormones play a significant role? The fact that we’re a minority? In very few instances has the majority treated the minority well. Were the evils of slavery entirely due to religion? Did greed have no contribution? Minorities
    have long been treated as less than human.

  • mikro

    As of 5:17 PM EST 1/30/13 Jadin still draws breath. Pediatric ICU can’t comment on his prognosis. Earlier news reports stated that doctors had detected little brain activity. Probably just a matter of time. Can we stand together as a community until he passes?

  • Merv

    @mikro: Just like you, I can’t read minds, but if you ask anti-gay bullies whether or not they’re Christians, I’m sure the vast majority will say yes. Christianity provides the moral framework and encouragement in which bullies operate. They are the reason bullying of gay people is ignored. Even when legislation is attempted to hold bullies accountable, Christians ensure that there is an exemption for anti-gay bullying. You’ve seen the news stories, so I don’t have to remind you.

    As for slavery, of course it was sustained by Christianity. The Bible defines a framework for slavery: Slaves who were “of the tribe” could only be held for seven years. Foreigners could be owned as slaves indefinitely. Manstealing was illegal. By some amazing coincidence, the US allowed indentured servitude of white people for seven years, Africans could be slaves indefinitely, and the international slave trade was outlawed soon after US independence. It pretty much completely follows the blueprint of the Bible. The arguments made in favor of slavery were mostly based on the Bible. Hell, there are Christians today that hold the confederacy up as an example of Bible-based utopia (“Call of Duty: The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee” was on Michele Bachmann’s short list of favorite books).

    BTW, Jesus may not have been recorded saying anything explicitly anti-gay, but he did insist Mosaic law was still valid, so he is anti-gay by implication. Paul, the founder of Christianity, was more explicitly anti-gay, even while contradicting Jesus on the rest of Mosaic law.

  • mikro

    @Merv: So according to your thinking because Hitler was a
    vegetarian, all vegetarians are egomaniacal, genocidal madmen? I’d still like to know your past/present religious affiliation? You seem to be virulently anti-Christian? Still no admission as to the possibility of testosterone fueled bullying. I’m glad my mind isn’t as closed as yours. Any chance your religious heritage included persecution at the hands of the Catholic Church?

  • mikro

    @Andrew: Be careful, Andrew. It seems haters aren’t just outside our gay community. I’m not religious, but have proffered the possibility that religion, specifically Christianity, does not bear full responsibility for bullying. As you can see there are those who will not admit the possibility of other causes. Also, some can’t grasp the concept of a “true Christian”, which I defined as one who follows the teachings of Christ and disregards all else.
    Oh well. None so blind as those that will not see. For all out there, it’s NOT a quote from the Bible. So, save your breath and look it up.

  • mikro

    @Merv: You also don’t address the relationship of greed to slavery. Or the historical treatment of minorities.
    Yes, there has been legislation granting exemption for bullies on religious grounds. But you make this sound as though it is the norm instead of the exception. You take as an extreme a view as those you would oppose. What about the 29 states where discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodation are allowed by law? Or didn’t you know about that?
    You pick and choose your arguments and your response to contrary views. If you wish to be considered credible you had better respond to all other views or maybe you could just admit other views might very well be just as valid as yours.

  • mikro

    @randallreynolds: I hope you read my posts and have an open mind. I’m not giving religion a pass, I only suggest it is not the sole cause. I guess I might have made a mistake in using the phrase “true Christian” as my understanding was one who followed the teachings of Christ. Sorry, I was indoctrinated from an early age until I was 12. I had always thought of Christ in terms of turn the other cheek, do unto others, and no greater love …,. Ten years (not including kindergarten)of Catholic schooling and church attendance and not one episode of any anti-gay experience. I stopped attending church on Sundays at 13 but continued to go on Easter & Christmas for another 2 years. I, of course attended Mass on those occasions with my other non-Sunday church attending childhood friends. If nothing else, I received an exemplary education in comparison to that I would have received in the NYC public school system.
    Haven’t been in a church for 45 years, with the exception of my maternal grandparents’ funerals; haven’t practiced a religion for 47.

  • dab822

    i seriously attempted suicide for all the same reasons in 1979. glad and sorry im around to see this kind of thing make some kind of news. it’s far from over i hear from the children i am lucky to have in my family

  • mikro

    @the other Greg: Hey Greg, Mike here. Thanks for speaking up.
    I’m most appreciative of your support by way of you relating your personal experience. I didn’t expect the reaction to my use of “true Christian”. I’m also taken aback by the attitudes some express here. I was bullied from the age of 10 until 12. By kids who attended public school and whose parents weren’t known to attend church in my overwhelmingly Italian Catholic neighborhood. I don’t think I met a non-Catholic until after I started working on Wall Street at 16.
    I did volunteer work at the National Gay Task Force, shortly after its inception in NYC. I attended ACT UP protests in NYC. I’ve lived openly since I was thirteen and that was in the mid-sixties. I imagine I’m far older than most on this site but pride myself on having an open mind.

  • Merv

    @mikro: I’m not sure why it’s relevant, but I have no religious background. I’ve been an atheist my whole life. My parents took me to some kind of Protestant church a couple times when I was six or seven, but even then I didn’t believe any of it, and never went back again. My antipathy towards Christianity comes entirely from their constant attacks on gay people and on science.

    I don’t acknowledge moderate Christians for two reasons: 1. Their beliefs contradict the Bible (i.e., they are not “real Christians”) 2. They have been conspicuously silent in the face of constant attack by Christians against gay people (i.e., they’ve done nothing to earn my attention or respect). Hitler did not speak as a vegetarian, and spokesmen for vegetarianism have never been notably anti-Jewish or anti-Gay.

    Of course, xenophobia, greed, testosterone, etc. factor into slavery and homophobia, but in Christian morality they found permission and encouragement to indulge their base impulses. Because Christians wrote the laws, the laws favored slavery and opposed homosexuality. In a society built on a moral framework that clearly rejected slavery and homophobia, the bigots and bullies would not have gotten nearly as far as they did/do.

    Whatever progress we have made legally, it’s been despite the vociferous objections of Christians. Pretty much the only argument that is ever made against gay rights is a religious one. If you’ve followed the latest marriage equality campaigns, they don’t even pretend anymore that it’s anything else.

  • mikro

    @Merv: The question of religious affiliation is relevant for many reasons. The Roman Catholic Church persecuted Jews and Protestants during the inquisition, Christians blamed Jews for Christ’s death for centuries. Catholics were persecuted in England after Henry VIII was denied an annulment. Muslims were slaughtered by the Crusaders. Protestants and Catholics waged terrorist attacks against each other in Ireland for untold years. Radical Islamists kill innocents of all religions including their own. For someone whose argument always reverts any other possibility to having its roots in religion, I’m frankly astounded by your lack of understanding as to the relevance of my question of your past/present religious affiliation.
    Yes religion is a great problem. It is more than likely that more people have died in the name of religion since its inception than have died in non-religious wars. But whatever argument is presented you manage to take it back to religion. It seems that you are unwilling to attribute any degree of responsibility to any other cause.
    I shall stop wasting my time, and yours, in trying to convince you of any other CONTRIBUTING cause. Religion is your sole culprit. One last question, if religion is the sole cause of anti-gay sentiments can you please explain the anti-gay attitude prevalent in Russia, where religion was banned for generations?

  • mikro

    Just for those of you who might be following my discourse with Merv I hope that you notice the lack response to my Hitler/vegetarian, historical treatment of minorities and any other argument which I might have presented. I do not exclude religion as a cause but I am of the opinion that there are other contributing causes to our problems. And that these other causes are not necessarily rooted in religion. Not all emotions & behaviors can be attributed to religion.
    Perhaps I am mistaken but I think not. I think it is much more likely that anyone whose argument attributes the basis of any other possible factor to be rooted solely in religion is more likely to be incorrect.

  • Merv

    The situation in Russia is complicated by hundreds of years of Christian-based bigotry before the revolution. However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t improvements. After the revolution, at least initially, Russian communists repealed laws outlawing homosexuality. It wasn’t until Stalin came to power in the 1930s that homosexuality was recriminalized, some people say as an attempt to curry favor with the still-powerful Orthodox Church (Stalin attended Seminary as a young man). Even if Stalin’s actions had nothing to do with the Church, Russian communism by this time was taking the form of something like a religion, where orthodoxy, however it was arrived at, was not questioned.

    On balance, however, individual communist atheists were probably less anti-gay than most people. It’s also worth noting that communist East Germany decriminalized homosexuality well before West Germany (1957 versus 1969). The most Christian advanced country of all, the US, didn’t fully decriminalize homosexuality until 2003, and only by court order.

  • Merv

    @mikro: “the lack response to my Hitler/vegetarian, historical treatment of minorities and any other argument which I might have presented”

    Actually, I did address your Hitler/vegetarian argument above. Hitler didn’t present himself as a spokesman for vegetarians, and nobody thought of him as one. Those who did present themselves as vegetarian activists did not tend to speak out against Jews. On the other hand, anti-gay activists today always speak as Christians, and no moderate Christians, speaking as Christians, put anywhere near as much effort in speaking out on the pro-gay side.

    I acknowledged that some people have the urge to bully, but the Church gives them a target by pointing out who it’s OK to hate. It’s not a coincidence that it was the Jewish “Christ-Killers” that Hitler focused his attention on.

  • mikro

    @Merv: Okay I give up. I think you just proved my point for me. Generations raised while religion is banned and blame still attributed by you to hundreds of years of previous religious practice.
    And in 2003 the Supreme Court struck down the Texas SAME SEX sodomy law as a violation of the due process clause of the 14th Amendment and therefore unconstitutional. It was legal for heterosexuals to engage in sodomy. Homosexuality wasn’t decriminalized. This basically struck down all similar statutes in the country. Decriminalization is usually a legislative process which reduces/removes criminal penalties especially jail time. Some municipalities have decriminalized marijuana to the point of being subject to just a fine. I’m not sure if just being homosexual was criminal; the commission of the homosexual sex acts was.
    You, I, and all our brothers and sisters here can still legally be discriminated against in 29 states.

  • mikro

    @Merv: I apologize I missed your response. But following your logic that Hitler didn’t act as a spokesman for vegetarians you’re saying that the bullies are acting as spokesmen for the Christians. Can you document any such utterances by these bullies?

  • mikro

    @Merv: And I mean someone making this type of statement who has been accused of bullying? Not just some poor kid who just believes its wrong to be gay because he doesn’t know any better. Believe it or not there are people who just don’t know any better but don’t mean any harm. I have to accept the fact that I live in a country which allows others the freedom to disagree with the way I live my life just as I am free to voice my disagreement with theirs. Would you have it any other way?

  • Merv

    @mikro: I guess I wasn’t clear. Treatment of homosexuals under godless communism wasn’t good, but it was often better than the alternative. I gave a couple of examples. Before the communist revolution in Russia, homosexuality was illegal. Afterwards, it was almost immediately legalized, and remained so for over a decade. Communist East Germany had a better record than Christian West Germany:

    Age of consent established at 21: 1957 vs. 1969

    Age of consent lowered to 18: 1968 vs. 1973

    Distinction between homo- and heterosexual acts abolished: 1988 vs. 1994

    Does this evidence not support my conclusion? Doesn’t it make more sense to compare same/similar countries where religious influence has been reduced by communist governments, than to compare dissimilar communist/non-communist countries?

  • Merv

    @mikro: No, I’m saying Focus on the Family, the Catholic Bishops, Knights of Columbus, Salvation Army, National Organization for Marriage, Family Research Council, and thousands of other individuals and organizations of their ilk are acting as spokesmen for Christians. The bullies are just following their lead.

  • mikro

    10:19 PM EST Just got off the phone with Doernbecher Children’s Hosp. Jadin still draws breath. Signing off for the night. If you pray, please keep Jadin and his family in your prayers. If you believe in any higher power do whatever you usually do. If you believe in a collective cosmic consciousness please think calm and peaceful thoughts. If you have no beliefs just do whatever you do when you would like a particular outcome. At times like these even I pray, but to no God in particular. It makes me feel a little better. Religion is the opiate of the masses. And I need a fix.

  • mikro

    @Merv: Look Merv you shot down the Hitler argument on the grounds he wasn’t a spokesman for a larger group and you attempt to address my argument by claiming the larger group(s) acts as the spokesman and example for the smaller group to follow. Even when you admit there are other causes your argument then reverts to the premise that all this is because of religion and its approval. Again, I haven’t practiced any religion for close to fifty years.
    I’m tired and need to direct my energies in a more productive direction. I just posted what I thought was my last message for the day. I’ve called Jadin’s hospital three times today and done my best to let people know that he still draws breath. I think it is just a matter of time since it was already reported that his doctors have detected little brain activity. I assume that should he survive he’ll be but a shell of his former self. In that case I wish him a quick and peaceful passing. As for his family they are by his side, and for their sake I hope this course of events concludes quickly.
    I wish you well.


  • speedbrds

    I can’t believe what I am reading. Some of you bickering over Hitler/vegetarian and religions. An innocent young man is teetering on the edge of death. It’s tragic to read some of these comments as they have no significance to the horrific incident this teen is/has endured.

    JUST STOP!!!!

  • Billysees

    @speedbrds: 66

    Yes…take your arguments elsewhere.

  • mikro

    @speedbrds: If you haven’t followed the discourse from the beginning you should. This discussion began with the expression of one person’s opinion regarding who/what should bear the responsibility. If the discussion of this root cause of origin can’t be discussed here and now, where do suggest is the appropriate place.
    I have been the one posting the fact that Jadin still draws breath, if possibly little else.
    Also if you had read my last post (66) written three hours before yours, you would have seen what I wrote. I stopped to write this reply. Now, I will call the hospital to see if Jadin survived the night

  • mikro

    @Billysees: See me reply to speedbirds. My last post yesterday
    was written 4 hours before your post.

  • mikro

    9:40 AM EST 1/31/13 Jadin still draws breath. His heart yet beats with the remaining strength of his youth.

  • mikro

    @Merv: Good morning Merv, I would like to thank you for your time yesterday. It kept me occupied & engaged, further it kept me from crying for some hours. Again, I wish you well. Maybe we’ll have another discussion in the future. Perhaps one in which we share a common view. Take care.


  • mikro

    @Aaron: Aaron Thanks for the post about “Avenues for Youth” I had an email exchange with Rocki Simoes, Project Manager, there. Was curious as to how they obtain services (e.g. school, medical coverage & care, etc.) for minors. She told me the mechanism they use, but also pointed out that most of the youth they serve are 18+.
    Now what we need, until such time as this scourge of our innocent youth is reduced to undetectable levels, is a program to enable the parents of endangered kids to relocate these at risk youths to safer places. Lots of problems to consider. First, parents must be aware,on their own, of the real risk of their child committing suicide. We’ll need carefully screened hosts & homes. Also we’ll parents who are willing entrust the care of their child to someone who is basically a stranger & to delegate their parental authority to that person. There are lots of other things involved along the way such as trying to place kids as close to home as possible, possible personal meetings between parents & prospective pre-screened hosts etc.
    Can I get some feedback from you people out there? Do you have straight friends with kids?
    If so, ask if they,as parents, would consider such an alternative if their child was at risk.
    Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • mikro

    1:43 PM EST 1/31/13 Based on my latest conversation with the hospital I’m afraid that Jadin has most likely passed away today. I didn’t get the usual answer from patient info (the same people who answer the phone). They switched me up to the pediatric ICU where the nurse asked if I was family (I’m not) and then told me she couldn’t comment. In the past there had been no reluctance to say if he was still with us. However, they would not discuss anything further.

  • mikro

    Within the last hour I have been in contact with a source away from the hospital. I have been told that Jadin still drew breath sometime after my post. He may still be doing so. I can only assume that I either got someone who answered the phone who hadn’t been asked this question before and/or Jadin’s condition is deteriorating, which unfortunately could be very likely.
    Is anyone still here??
    Well here or not I’ll post anything I learn.

  • Andrew

    Yes mikro I am reading your updates, thank you. FYI, when you talk to a hospital and they say, “I can’t give you info” you can say, “I have a lot of people who care about this case, Do I tell them the worst has happened, or should I wait on that? (meaning death has occured) or should i check back again?” Peace be with you Mikro.

  • Billysees

    @mikro: 74

    Mike (aka mikro),

    My apology for sounding angry.

    Thank you so much for your loving concern for Jadin.

    And thank you for your efforts to keep us all informed about Jadin also.

    We all grieve and you keeping us posted on the latest is much appreciated.

  • Billysees

    Here’s the latest update as of 7:00 PM Pacific Time (10:00 PM Eastern Time) January 31st as reported from “The Oregonian” newspaper.

    The headline reads —

    “La Grande’s Jadin Bell, dying gay teen who was bullied, could ‘pick up your spirits’ ”

    The URL is —


    It appears that we can still continue to send forth our prayers and hopes for Jadin’s recovery.

  • bloodrock

    @Merv: Are you kidding me? Blame all Christians for such terrible treatment? Like, blame all Muslims for terrorism? And really–A “notch in their Bible”? Man, you have some sick, twisted ideas in your head. Jesus told us to love. Love Christians, love gays, love blacks, love Jews, love stupid ignorant trolls on the internet (in so many words of course). So as a Christian, may I say, Jesus loves you, and even I love your ignorant ass. (Even though I feel like serving up an bitch-slap). A young teen was bullied and hung himself; there’s no excuse for that. To me, being a Christian isn’t professing my love for God, then denying him by my lifestyle; it’s living a life of sin and believing in a power greater than myself: Jesus, the Son of God, who forgives me. You can’t blame all Christians for this; blame ASSHOLE bullies who are likely gay themselves and have fathers who taught them it’s okay to deal with homosexual feelings by treating others like shit. Not every Christian is a hater, not every Muslim is a terrorist, and you can;t blame McDonald’s for being obese. If you keep preaching hate, hate is what comes back to you, my friend.

  • mikro

    @Billysees: 8:34 AM EST 2/1/13 AS far as I know Jadin still draws breath although I’ve been told he grows steadily. The article Billysees refers to was originally written on 1/30/13 and was updated at least twice yesterday. In that article Mr. Bud Hill, a close family friend stated that the doctors thought Jadin might continue to live for a week. How terrible for all concerned. His family is divided with his mom,dad, and older brother in Portland to assure that someone is always at his bedside. His younger brother and sister, at home hundreds of miles away, most likely being cared for by aunts and uncles. All these people, along with his friends, keeping a vigil that has no hope for anything other than the cruel inevitable passing of this innocent and gentle child. That his parents have to endure this prolonged agony is terrible. No parent should have to bury a child, much less one whose death is not by natural causes.
    I will post any change in Jadin’s condition as soon as I am aware of it.

  • mikro

    @Billysees: It’s alright, Billysees. It’s a difficult time for all. Emotions are raw. Better to calm down and take your time (I know it’s not easy when people are dying) especially before putting something that will probably survive us and who knows how many generations after that. Peace,child.

  • mikro

    @mikro: Post 80 second line please insert/read “weaker” after the first word (steadily). Sorry
    I never met Jadin. I live thousands of miles away. I have grieved for all these children. But Jadin’s story has touched me deeply. Maybe because so many members of his community, in all age groups, have spoken of his diverse acts of kindness and expressions of good will. Or, how he could lift anyone’s spirit. Maybe because he lingers here. His heart beating yet with the remaining, but steadily declining, strength of his youth.

  • mikro

    @bloodrock: Bloodrock please let Merv alone. I had engaged in a discourse with him and he is firm in his convictions. You will not change his mind. Allow him the freedom of his opinion as, I am sure, he would allow you yours. I take it you didn’t read all of our posts. I put forth, in my opinion, much better arguments than yours.

    I certainly hope your use of the word “lifestyle” is not meant as “homosexual lifestyle”.
    Being homosexual is no more a “lifestyle” than is heterosexuality. It is better used, for example, like this “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous”.

  • mikro

    @Andrew: Andrew. Unfortunately we have that pesky privacy law regarding health care. I had told the ICU nurse(who wouldn’t tell me if he was still with us) yesterday that based on the change I could only assume he had passed. Her only response was that she couldn’t comment.

  • mikro

    on the 11 AM EST 2/1/13 SiriusXM OutQ news Jadin’s passing was announced. I am attempting to ascertain if this is accurate. I have received no word to indicate that he has indeed passed away. This was also erroneously posted in an article on salon.com two days ago.

  • mikro

    The noon news on SiriusXM OutQ didn;t mention Jadin. I think, but won’t swear, that the 1PM news broadcast either. I had just gotten off the phone with my source and they have heard nothing new. Jadin’s passing has been prematurely reported many times more than the actual truth. I sent that message, in so many words, to the OutQ news team. That it will happen there is no doubt.

  • mikro

    Post 86 Insert first word second line should be didn’t So the sentence ends as “didn’t either”.

    Sorry. Didn’t sleep well or long last night. Not wearing my glasses. I tear up at times. This is painful but I don’t think it’s right, and it’s certainly not good journalism, to report someone as having passed away when they still breathe.

  • Billysees

    Thanks again Mike (mikro) for your efforts to comfort with your comments and updates.

    The Oregonian article about Jadin Bell was last updated Feb 1, at 8:34 AM with no change in the contents of the story. That’s over 23 hours ago as of 4:00 AM EST Feb 2.


    This is the only thing we can do now —

    Continue with our prayers and thoughts and hopes for Jadin’s recovery.

  • mikro

    @Billysees: There is really nothing to do but wait and pray, if you are religious. Or like me just implore whatever power there may be for the outcome you’d wish.
    I have had no word from my source/contact and don’t expect any until poor Jadin passes. The child has been unconscious this whole time. Well for all the fools out there (I don’t mean on this site) in the world, I’d like to see you so called athletes to take up cheerleading. I wonder if you’d be able to do all that cardio. Must be what’s at least contributing to Jadin’s continued grasp on life. Looking more like those doctors might have been correct when they said on 1/30/13 that he might survive another week.
    What a slow, seemingly endless tragedy this is for his family.
    1:00 PM EST 2/2/13

  • mikro

    ATTN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oregonlive.com NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Doctors expect Jadin to pass on Sunday

  • mikro

    @Billysees: Looks like we’re here by ourselves Billysees. I feel so sadly for his family. This tragic situation started on 1/19/13. I’m pretty sure his mom & dad haven’t been home in all that time. From what I read it sounds as if is older brother might have returned home (at some point & maybe also returned) & his older sister went to Portland during that time. I imagine that the entire immediate family (don’t know about younger brother & don’t know how old he is) is or will be around Jadin’s bedside shortly, if not already. Someone told me on Thursday (the day the hospital operators stopped answering “Can you please tell me if Jadin Bell is still with us?) that he was close to death. He must have developed a very strong cardio-pulmonary system with those cheerleading routines. Of course he also had the strength of youth. I wonder if all the guys on the school teams could do what he did.

  • mikro

    I guess everyone has lost interest. How sad. As Jadin draws closer to losing his life he’s been abandoned by us here.

    I will keep this lonely vigil. I will note his passing when I know of it, if only for posterity.

    I have not put forth effort to correct those who have already pronounced him gone, actual so that his Jadin’s passing is not properly noted,

  • Billysees

    @mikro: 91 and 92

    No Mike, we’re not alone.

    “Everybody” who has posted here is closely following every new comment.

    Here’s what we can continue to do, as I said before, until we hear the last word —

    “Continue with our prayers and thoughts and hopes for Jadin’s recovery.”

  • Billysees

    I forgot to say —

    “Continue with our prayers and thoughts and hopes for Jadin’s recovery and that his family and friends are comforted.”

  • mikro

    @Billysees: There is NO HOPE for Jadin’s recovery.

  • mikro

    I contacted the owner of a web site that had announced jadin’s passing prematurely by email.
    Even provided that person with my phone number. He changed his web site of all incorrect info and all the comments except one when he posted new info. The new info announced Jadin’s
    passing as of yesterday. He sent me an email at about i AM EST (I finally managed to get some sleep last night) I saw it about 6 AM EST. I responded by saying that I thought he’d have been more credible by stating that there had been misinformation (hey I’m sure he didn’t do it on purpose) and asked him to provide me with his source to forward me a copy. I’m sure he was probably asleep at the hour I sent the request (around 6:30 AM EST) as are most people. Haven’t been able to get verification
    from any news outlets in OR or one in Seattle. My contact in OR may be asleep as I haven’t heard. I’ve sent them an email.

  • Billysees

    @mikro: 95

    There is always hope as long as “Jadin still draws breath” to use your own words.

    Also, “There is really nothing to do but wait and pray….” as you said before.

    Hope and prayer are the same thing.

  • mikro

    @Billysees: Dear Billysees, I certainly wish it were otherwise buy poor Jadin’s brain suffered irreparable damage from oxygen deprivation. He hasn’t had any sustenance since the 1/19/13 with. perhaps, the exception of some glucose in any intravenous tratment he may be receiving. The “wait and pray” was more in the vain that his passing would be swift and peaceful. Swift because it was inevitable (if he doesn’t pass he will not be anything but a shell of his former self) and because the strain on his family must be great.

    I will post his passing with my crude attempt at a tribute I wrote on Thursday, when the hospital changed its tone and led to the post where I said that it was LIKELY that he had passed.

    I continue my attempts to reach anyone (short of anyone who might be his relative) in OR who could verify what I have been told of his passing.

  • mikro

    Post 99 1st Line should read “otherwise BUT poor…”
    third line substitute VEIN for VAIN
    Hadn’t had any coffee when I did that and not wearing glasses either.
    Wearing out the redial button on my phone as I rotate the calls/
    Spoke with a very nice guy who works for AP. I had called the Portland OR office’s number.
    Since they weren’t open yet the call got routed to Phila. This guy,probably alone in the office at that time, asked me all the background questions, took my name & number and told me the first office to open in their western division would be Phoenix. Said he would get the info out there & depending on staffing & what was happening (stories they were/would have to cover) Phoenix would either start the work or if busy would forward it to the Portland office when it opened. I do believe that Portland is an hour behind Phoenix.

  • Billysees

    I feel that just about all that can be said has just about been said already at this time.

    We’ll wait for your updates and “still” hope and pray for a miracle.

    I believe in miracles and hope and prayer.

    They could make such a thing happen.

    Think about what his family is going through.

    I bet they believe in hope and prayer and miracles cause that’s all that’s left.

  • mikro

    @Billysees: One has to believe in hope as we all hope for certain things (not talking about materialistic objects). Without hope there would be no reason to live when we experience adversity. I’m not religious and haven’t been for close to half a century, but I do believe in some sort of a higher power. I pray, by basically humbly imploring, no one or no thing in particular, whatever power may be, for that which I desire.
    As I closed my post on a recent night “Religion is the opiate of the masses. And I need a fix.”
    You know how I feel about the agony of his family (if your mind needs refreshing go back & read some). This tragedy has relentlessly continued at what seem to them to be endless almost eternal minutes, becoming the same endless almost eternal hours & days. I think his family realized & accepted the inevitable outcome when they made the heart wrenching decision to disconnect their poor child from life support. I do not believe anyone, including his doctors, to initially believe that Jadin would survive for so long. I think they reconsidered after how strong his body was after life support was removed. That’s why they said in that newspaper article on ,I think 1/30/13, that it was possible he might survive for another week. I thought that his family had certainly suffered greatly already and that II hoped for their sake that the situation didn’t go on for another week.
    At 60 years old I believe that miracles do happen. They may be rare but doctors see things
    cured for which there is no other explanation.
    Is a miracle possible? yes is it probable> No
    Sometimes, even those who are fervent believers, must resign themselves to the fact that
    as they say “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” If you believe, than you must accept that there is some purpose, unclear to us now (perhaps forever) the God you believe in let this child die. I would rather not believe that fervently.

  • Andrew

    Jadin will die within 24-48 hours.
    Hear these words of the Promises of God as we let him go to eternal life together:
    “I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, -you are mine-” ~ Isaiah 43:1
    Jadin receives his Savior, while we grieve, yet we rejoice in that death is not the end.
    Peace be with all of you always.

    ~ Andrew,
    Portland Oregon

  • mikro

    @Andrew: R U (I think u must b)the same Andrew from oregonlive.com?

  • mikro

    I’m getting frustrated trying to find out if the dolt who revised his web site without admitting he had posted misinformation (could have just said he got it from what he considered a reliable source)and sent me an email stating he had confirmed Jadin’s death sometime yesterday evening. The email came at 1 AM EST. I was asleep and didn’t see it until morning. At 7 AM EST I sent him an email asking him for enough info so I could verify for myself. After chasing all these people posting misinformation, people who should be independently verifying this stuff before they put it up, I’m certainly not going to be guilty of it myself.
    So far the major newspaper hasn’t anything new, nor two of the TV stations. The local paper is ,I’m sure, closed on Sunday. I just called there for the nth time. Yes, I remember the time difference, so I’ll try them again & again during the course.The funeral home hasn’t yet answered my email. Their phone rings * will go to the answering service.I hang up before that. If,in fact, Jadin did pass away they very well transported his remains from Portland. That a approx. 500 mile round trip. So I’ll wait until they answer their own phone.

  • mikro

    Hey Guys & Girls,

    Can everybody who’s on here just give a shout back?

    Like to have an idea how many are around.

    Thanks much


  • Ted Lemen

    Still here in Illinois following the comments and hoping someone in my area doesn’t kill themselves while we message back and forth.

  • mikro

    NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1:09 PM EST 2/3/13 I have just spoken with Mr. Kevin Loveland. He is the proprietor of Loveland Funeral Chapel which will be handling the arrangements for Jadin’s final journey.
    In the capacity of of Funeral Director he would probably be the first person outside of Jadin’s family when Jadin passes.

    Mr. Loveland has no knowledge of Jadin’s passing. So the dolt who emailed saying he had confirmed Jadin’s passing and that it happened last night is either a liar or a fool.

    Or maybe I’m the victim of a hoax being perpetrated by a newspaper, a couple of TV stations and Mr. Loveland. I think not.

  • mikro

    @Ted Lemen: thanks Ted I’ll be making a request of you & everybody else

  • mikro


  • mikro

    6:55 pm est 2/3/13







  • Andrew

    “If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.” Romans 14:8

    He lives now into Eternal Life, where we will see Him again.

    Go now in peace.

  • JByronD

    I have visited this site for a long time and it is this article that got me to sign up and say something. First thank you @mikro for keeping up with the updates, I have been watching the discussion since this story was posted. Thank you for keeping us informed about this young man condition. I have found him on my mind a great deal since this happened and even though there was no hope for his recovery and I am not religious by any means, but I found myself wishing for a miracle. I look at his picture (a sweet, young boy) and think he could have had so much potential, why did this have to happen? I only hope that in death he has the peace he was not able to find in life. Rest in Peace, Jadin Bell. You will always be a reminder for me to check in with those in my life to make sure they are really okay.

  • Billysees

    @mikro: 110 and all others
    @Andrew: 102 and 111
    @JByronD: 112

    It is more than sad to learn about our friend Jadin.
    He is our friend of course because we are like him and he is like us.
    We won’t forget him and all of the other beautiful young people who were not able to hang on because of the terrible pain that bullying causes.
    Our prayers and thoughts and hopes are now for his family and friends and their comfort is our new concern.
    We should do what we can to make Jadin Bell’s life known to all.

    Mike (mikro) —
    You may not have a faith that will move mountains, but your “works” of love and concern for all of us here have been quite a blessing. Faith without “works” is meaningless the Book says.

    Andrew —
    Your choice of scripture verse at this time is so beautiful and comforting.

    JByronD —
    Your comment, “You (Jadin Bell) will always be a reminder for me to check in with those in my life to make sure they are really okay” shows how much love and concern you have for others. It’s also a reminder of what we all should do for our friends.

    Here’s the latest from The Oregonian —

    Tell others of this …. it’s a help —

  • mikro

    I have written a small tribute for Jadin & in his memory. I have never done such a thing, nor do I have any particular writing skill/experience, other than any done during my education. When I was last in school we were lucky enough that the college had a quarry on campus. I had originally intended to post it after I got done posting notice of his passing as widely as possible on sites I had already posted updates. However, it appears I will be speaking to Jadin’s family tomorrow 2/4/13. The person at the funeral home who is assisting the family with Jadin’s arrangements, said he wished to give them my phone number when he meets with them tomorrow. Unless they have already seen it. I had sent it to the funeral home wile he yet lived. At this point I feel somewhat obligated to submit it to them before the online community.

  • mikro

    @Andrew: R U the same Andrew (I’m pretty sure u r but would like confirmation) as the Andrew on oregonlive.com
    Andrew, I’m not a practicing anything when it comes religion. However, I do not reject the existence of a (it doesn’t matter what I say here as I will ruffle someone’s feathers) “higher power”. I would like to thank you on behalf of those who believe and who have been following this sad and tragic event.
    I don’t know what, if anything, I’ll post. If I get the info on his “viewing” maybe I’ll post it. But I doubt there are many who live nearby and come to this site, and I don’t believe many would make the trip to La Grande OR. I,of course, think it would be wonderful if large numbers of LGBTQ people would arrive in town and pay their respects (as we who had written on stone tablets in our youth would say)

  • mikro

    @JByronD: Thank you. All these children taking their lives is tragic. But this particular child, Jadin Bell, his tragedy took unexpected turns compounding an already incredibly sad tale.
    Unfortunately, it appears that interest has declined sharply (at least in terms of who responded to a request to respond. There will be more tomorrow. I will probably have my first, and possibly only, conversation with Jadin’s family.

  • mikro


    If you come to this page today to read PLEASE PLEASE just log in and say HELLO. I’m trying

    to get an idea of how many are still following the story. Yes, I understand he has passed

    but he’s not buried. I may yet (well, actually I do) have more to do. So PLEASE help me out

    by just putting something down on this page.


  • Chad Hunt

    So many of these arguments are laughable. To say religion has nothing to do with bullying or held no sway in this instance is very short sided.

    Yes, the parents in question may not attend church, nor may their children. However, how about the grandparents or great grandparents. Children mimic what they are taught. So, if I as a religious homophobe teach my children that homosexuality is sinful and of the devil but as an adult they do not attend church but teach their children the same bias can you say religion was not a factor? Come on people.

    Can a child who grows up atheist not be influenced by a religious teacher or school friend who attends church and learns this bias?

    From the dawn of time religion has played a key element in our laws, beliefs, and prejudices whether from christianity, hinduism, Taoism, Muslim, Jewish, pagan, etc.

    Is religion the only source, no, is it the overwhelming source, YES.

  • Chad Hunt

    Now, and more to the point are the people who use Christianity or any religion true believers? The answer to this is quite simple. YES, & NO.

    Yes, they are a true christian or religious person to what christianity or religion means to them and to the manner in which they interpret what they consider to be the words of God.

    No, they are not religious or christian when it comes to how you or I may interpret the same religion or christian teachings.

    NO two people believe the exact same thing under any and every circumstance. Just as a Catholic who practices birth control still considers themselves a Catholic. A Christian who hates gays can still call themselves Christian.

    Religion is a personal concept and what it is to one will never be what it is to another.

  • mikro

    Jadin’s parent’s are making the long (about 250 miles) drive home from Portland to La Grande. The are meeting with the funeral director tomorrow to make Jadin’s final arrangements. I will post them as, well as Jadin’s time of death, when available The reason we don’t have Jadin’s time of death is because even with his family at his side when he took his last breath, the time used is when the doctor declares the death. This is the time that goes on the death certificate.
    Jadin’s family MAY call me tomorrow as I have sent a contribution for his funeral expenses to the funeral home. Jadin was the third of four children. He has an older brother & sister, and a younger brother. If his parent’s call me I’ll see if they’re up to talking for a bit or they just want to thank me. I told the funeral director that it wasn’t necessary but it would be rude not to let them express their thanks.

  • mikro

    Joe Jervis of JoeMyGod had his usual guest spot on Michelangelo Signorile’s 4 hour talk show on SiriusXM radio’s OutQ channel. The show runs from 2PM EST until 6PM EST. Mike has got probably the talk show with a diversity of topics ranging from canin care, bird killing cats to neuroscience. Not interested in the current topic, don’t go away you might miss the next topic which could be your current interest. Lots of politics and Mike takes on the right wing nuts. He gives awards every Friday. Angel, Gassy & Turkey. I won’t explain ,you’ll have to listen. Joe has probably the best blog going. He’s gotten more top awards, year after year after year. If you’ve never read his blog you don’t know what you’re missing. Anyway Mike mentioned Jadin & Joe said he hadn’t covered the story (I noticed) because it wasn’t clear that Jadin’s death was clearly caused by bullying. Joe further stated he had info that Jadin’s parents were going to make a statement. That’s all he knew. I don’t know his source, but Joe ‘s a reputable guy and I’m sure he considers/knows his source to be reliable.

  • mikro

    I just find it unusual that the parents of a recently deceased child, who haven’t yet buried their child, much less made the arrangements, would be making a statement. Of, course he did not specific claim that the statement would be about bullying.
    Well maybe a non-bullying suicide isn’t worth coverage. Even coverage with disclaimer. I’m sorry. That’s a screwed up world. We’re gay. The death of any of our little brothers & sisters, especially from other than illness or some other non-violent cause. should be of concern & interest to us all.
    By the way Michelangelo gave me a big surprise. I pester him with all sorts of crap by email. I even opened a Twitter acct(I don’t & won’t do FB) Saturday so I could tweet Macklemore that Jadin wasn’t yet dead. I tweeted Mike when Jadin passed & he sent me an email asking why I took such an interest. I sent him back something a few pages short of “War and Peace”. continued

  • mikro

    I just lost everything I typed. The whole box.Got to stop now.

  • Billysees

    @mikro: 122

    Mike (mikro),

    I feel deeply what you said here —

    “We’re gay. The death of any of our little brothers & sisters……..should be of concern & interest to us all”.

    Especially the words, “our little brothers & sisters”.

    Because that’s exactly who they are.

    Thanks for this important reminder.

  • Billysees

    @Chad Hunt: 118, 119

    You’ve spoken meaningfully here about the reasons and sources of Bullying.

    You could have been more specific by mentioning that it is really the holy books or holy texts, that are behind these religions, as one of the primary motivators of both good and evil that comes from them.

    I can best speak about christianity and its bible.

    If you do some reading of the NT for example, you’ll find much “warm and fuzzy” stuff that tells us how to treat each other.

    There’s also some stuff that’s not so warm and fuzzy.

    We can choose the inspiration that will be meaningful to us. We have that authority.

    It’ll tell us how we should be very very friendly and loving.

    Here are excellent examples of how all LGBT’s should be treated —

    1. Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother’s way…….Romans 14:13

    2. Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God…….Romans 15:7

    3. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love…….Ephesians 4:2

    4. Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble…….1 Peter 3:8

    Now….that’s some pretty nice stuff isn’t it ?
    Have you ever heard those comments before ?

    What if bullies-to-be were to learn these things in their homes and houses of worship ?

    Do you think they’d become bullies ?

    Look, we live in a world that “HUNGERS and THIRSTS” after “GOOD WORKS”.

    We can’t get enough of this stuff.

    It makes people smile and be happy.
    It causes us to be more loving towards everybody.
    It makes us feel good inside.
    We enjoy our family and friends more.

    We become better children and sons and daughters and moms and pops and friends and students and neighbors and employees and employers and brothers and sisters and so on and so on.

    Finally, let all of us, especially us LGBT’s, learn these things so we’ll be prepared to confront those that’ll tell us things that are not in our best interest.

    We can’t wait for the preachers, priests, rabbis and imams to do the job many are hesitant to do.

    Let’s continue to be “SPREADERS” of these things.

    We may be able to do more to help the “great cause of LGBT acceptance” than outsiders can.

  • mikro

    OK Everybody Spread the word. All these young gay lesbian bi trans questioning youth are OUR RESPONSIBILITY TOO. Now,as a 60 year old gay man, who has no reservation using the word “QUEER” which I, like many of my younger brethren, reclaimed the word to deprive it of its derogatory influence. It is good to know that many of the kids,and I mean kids, of today who are LGBTQ embrace this as an all inclusive one word description of the diverse groups that comprise our community.
    Later last night, after my post about Joe Jervis/JoeMyGod I went to the blog. I was a little involved last week, as you may know (trying to let people know Jadin was alive & posting what little I could) and hadn’t read the blog as I usually do. After I saw some of what was covered I wrote Michelangelo Signorile a VERY LONG email, which I sent off around 11:30. Here’s some of what rated coverage. A small article quoting Iran’s wacko president about his desire to be an Iranian astronut (intentional misspelling), mentioning by name, age & gender an Iranian who paid for a trip to the Intl Space Station, Iran’s launching of a dog into space another article about Romney clone son Tagg and his POTENTIAL run for John Kerry’s Senate seat. Continued

  • mikro

    Those were two examples of Joe Jervis’ non-gay coverage. Then I went on to things gay.
    Two stories, one covered & one not (take a guess here). I pointed out they didn’t happen at the same time but both happened in OR. The covered article was about a baker who refused to make a wedding (OR doesn’t have marriage equality, more later) one partner tried to order. The baker admitted so on camera thereby confessing to a violation of OR anti-discrimination statutes. OR seems to have had a long and winding road on this issue. For further details
    well you’re already online. Now I certainly don’t disapprove of coverage of this type, but let me get my scales out. Discrimination vs. gay youth suicide. Or actually interrupted suicide. A suicide completed 2 weeks later. Somehow my scale tips toward the suicide as being the more important subject. Just a mention.Or just like maybe”We’ll never know the reason Jadin decided to take his life, as he left no note” or “allegedly due to bullying”
    I again thanked Mike for allowing me to quickly described Jadin’s death, the suffering his family endured and asked him to forward my email to Joe Jervis.

  • mikro


  • mikro

    SEND WHAT YOU CAN. MAKE SURE YOU INDICATE IT’S FOR JADIN. AND DON’T SAY I ASKED YOU. 5,10,15,20,25….50,….75….100….150….200….250……….500………..1000.

  • mikro

    By the way as of last Thursday afternoon (EST) when the hospital began declining whether to say if Jadin still drew breath I had less to post than the little I started with. In this world where demands for our attention abound, interest began to wane. I understand; there was nothing new.Then the weekend, we all have things to do that can’t be done during the week. Life was cruel to Jadin in the last week of his life. Especially so. After being remove from life support, his strong youthful body continued to cling to life. Ever so slowly he weakened. The final cruelty was delivered with my receipt of the phone call notifying me of his passing. I received the call on Sunday 2/3/13 at 6:55 PM EST.
    TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES AFTER SUPER BOWL COVERAGE BEGAN. I’ll let you judge how many people I reached.

  • Chad Hunt

    @Billysees: I certainly agree with you but I always like to mention the following to young GAY christian youth.


    [1 Samuel 18:1 … And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking to Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.] …

    Is this not exactly what happens in marriage? 2 souls are knit together as one. In marriage are we not taught that we must love our spouse as ourselves and our own souls? …

    [1Samuel 18:2 … And Saul took him that day(David), and would let him go no more home to his fathers house.] …

    Is this not what is described in Genesis 2:24, Ephesians 5:31, Mark 10:7, & Matthew 19:5? In each of these verses it describes how man shall leave father and mother and cling unto his spouse. The two being made one flesh. …

    [1Samuel 18:3 … Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul.] …

    Is marriage not a sacred covenant? …

    [1 Samuel 18:4 … And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him, and gave it to David, and his garments, even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle.] …

    Does this not describe giving all of oneself as a gift to a spouse? Jonathan strips himself naked and gives all of himself to David from his robe to his girdle. Does this not sound like a wedding night? …

    Later in the story we find that Saul has turned to evil and he plots against David. It was not uncommon in those days to have more than one spouse. … This is how Saul first plots evil against David …

    [1Samuel 18:20-21 … And Michal, Saul’s daughter loved David: and they told Saul, and the thing pleased him. And Saul said, I will give him her, that she may be a snare to him, and that the hand of the Philistines may be against him. Wherefore Saul said to David, Thou shalt this day be my son in law in the one of the twain.] …

    So to cause David harm he makes him marry his daughter and he is Saul’s son in law of the twain. Twain meaning twice. First, with Jonathan & secondly with Michal. …

    In the first chapter of 2 Samuel we are told the love between Jonathan and David surpassed the love of a woman. …

    [2Samuel 1:26 … I am distressed for you, my brother, Jonathan; greatly beloved were you to me; your love to me was wonderful passing the love of women. …

    LESBIANISM between RUTH & NAOMI … Don’t you find it odd that what Ruth vows to Naomi is exactly part of the wedding ceremony many churches still use today? …

    I could go into the story of the Roman Centurion who asks Jesus to heal his young male servant … If you actually translate this story from the original text you learn the word used for the Centurion’s servant is not servant but actually translates to young male lover which the Greeks and Romans were known for. Did Jesus condemn the Centurion or did he grant him his wish?

    LEVITICUS … The bible has been translated into saying you shall not lie with mankind as with womankind but that is not what this verse says in it’s original form. What it says is you shall not lie with male temple prostitutes in the bed of a woman. (it was common to have both male and female prostitutes working the steps and grounds around the temple in those days.) Basically this is saying that you shouldn’t defile the marriage bed. It is time for all of these HYPOCRITICAL Christians who dont even know the stories of their own bible nor read or translate them for themselves to SHUT UP and STOP letting others do their thinking for them.

    Thats why education is so important and why so many of these false religions etc don’t want their congregations to go to college or translate the Bible from the original Latin, Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic texts.

  • mikro

    @Billysees: OK you & Chad. ENOUGH !!! Billysees I don’t believe that u in particular pursue this. After u scolded me & Merv !! I know I said if we couldn’t discuss the root causes of bullying here on the page where Queerty pronounced Jadin dead (prematurely). Haven’t you read my posts from yesterday & today. About Joe Jervis of JoeMyGod not covering Jadin’s death because it had yet to be attributed to bullying? And my indignation as I thought about a 15 yr olds death. How u & others waited for & read the updates. Not much I could do with only being able to ask if Jadin was still breathing.

    Billysees, do you remember my reply to your post re Merv & me. When you read the post I told you to look at do you remember what I did? Do the same. And if you didn’t bother reading my recent posts due to their length and/or you’re just responding to Chad go back & read them.

    Chad that goes for u 2.

    Both of u. There’s a cold lifeless body in a small town in Oregon. There’s a grieving family. There’s most likely a large expense. Can u help? Don’t tell me. Do what u can. If u can’t sent a check, how about a sympathy card? I posted the address above. When u sign your name why not say you’re gay. Or sign it from a gay brother, COMMA, and name underneath. Just like you’d do Respectfully your etc.

  • Chad Hunt

    I am seriously wondering about the mental stability of this mikro person. I hope they are not just someone trolling on the tragedy of a young boys death.

  • mikro

    No, I am not trolling on the tragedy of a young boys death. What depths did your depraved mind need to reach to dredge up such filth? How long have you been following this story? Mental stability? I’m sorry that you find that someone could be so touched by the tragedy of Jadin’s death and the suffering of his family. I’ll tell you what. I mailed a check to the funeral home yesterday. I’ll tell them to let me know , not when the get it, but when it clears. You already see that I posted the name & address. You can loo up the phone number yourself. I’ll post a message here that the check has cleared. Can we agree on a time for posting r messages so that this gets done quickly. I suggest 4 PM EST ; that’s 1 PM PST
    I will call the funeral home & tell them someone will call asking how much I donated but the person calling will only have my first name and last initial. I will tell them to disclose the amount to that person. What say you ,sir?

  • mikro

    @Chad Hunt: Didn’t hit the reply to your offensive message so see No. 134 Also in posting something dropped off. When you see my message that the check has cleared, you will post a message that you have seen my post re check having cleared. If my message is not responded to by 4:30 EST We will each check in by posting hello the next day at the same 4 PM EST. AGREED?????? Or do you need another time?

  • mikro

    @Chad Hunt: My name is Mike R. didn’t notice it dropped between submit & actually posting.

  • Chad Hunt

    I’m pretty sure there isn’t something right here. I’m just going to ignore from here on out.

    I sympathize with the family and friends of this young man and just offer them my condolences. I’m sure, this young man is in a much better place now and has found peace.

  • mikro




  • mikro

    @Chad Hunt: By the way Brave Guy behind the keyboard, unless I missed something, it seems u were here on 1/29 and then absent until 2/4. After your depraved and personally insulting comments re trolling & mental stability I challenged you by giving u an opportunity to see what I have done. Further, I put my email address out here (should they close down comments) didn’t ask u to. And you squeal “something isn’t right here”. WELL YOU’RE CORRECT AND WHAT ISN’T RIGHT IS YOU. STAND UP AND ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE OR BE BRANDED A COWARD”. OH ! FORGOT U GAVE YOURSELF THE OUT BY SAYING YOU’D IGNORE “FROM HERE ON OUT”

  • mikro

    @Chad Hunt: I guess the name & address of the funeral home (obviously verifiable by anyone with a computer) & following the instruction to indicate that your contribution was for Jadin wasn’t enough 4 u. “Just offer them my condolences”.
    So obviously u won’t part with even $5. do u think they’re reading this web site? I guess that means u so sympathize with them that u couldn’t even send a sympathy card as I suggested. What a shame.

  • mikro

    I guess if anyone is here they’re only reading. That’s perfectly OK. Jadin’s funeral is 10 AM PST (1 PM EST) and will be broadcast live over the internet

  • Billysees

    @Chad Hunt: 131

    Thank you for your detailed OT scripture verse explanations.

    I’ve not seen them before and they make good sense to me.

    I will copy them for use in any future discussion.

    Appreciate your effort to compile this information.

    Thanks again…

  • Billysees

    @Chad Hunt: 138

    This, your last sentence is all we can say and feel now —

    I sympathize with the family and friends of this young man and just offer them my condolences. I’m sure, this young man is in a much better place now and has found peace.

  • Billysees

    @mikro: 143

    Oh Mike,
    You’ve done so much for us here, I don’t know how we can express our gratitude.

    You’re a sweet soul and I’m personally glad to have benefited from all your help.

    To repeat from your 142 —


    I note from this, Jadin’s obituary, that one of his siblings, Dustin Bell, lives here in Maryland. I live in Baltimore.

    And I will be watching the funeral Live on the internet — http://www.funeralrecording.com

    Peace be upon you always….

  • Chad Hunt


    Let’s see. You have no idea whether or not I was absent from 1/29 -02/04 you assume so because I made no posts between that time. It is not my place to call a funeral home and verify anything. HOW TACKY would that be. “Hello, Umm sorry to take you away from arranging funerals, embalming bodies, consoling families, etc but can you verify for me that a Mike R made a donation.” YA RIGHT! (Hung Up On) SHEESH!

    Let’s also discuss that you have made 81 out of the 143 comments on here. If that isn’t trolling I don’t know what is.
    You turned this thread about a tragedy regarding a young gay youth into what you were doing. It stopped being about Jadin and turned into the mikro show.

    Now, I’m not saying you did this on purpose. You may legitimately just be over zealous and this tragedy affected you on a person level. However, your attacks on me and various things you have said etc just makes it look a little odd. There are people out there who do prey on internet sites and TROLL.

    Again not saying this is what u were doing but it is/was a possibility.

    I’m sure the family has read this blog. If I had a family member die in a similar circumstance I would surely google their name and read what people were saying especially if i planned on broadcasting the funeral over the internet. That is why I offered my condolences to the family.

    No, I did not offer any money to the family. Nor is it my place to. If I were to do that then I would have to do it every time a gay teen died somewhere that I didn’t know. That hardly makes me a coward or someone hiding behind the internet. I am a Gay celebrity (in some circles). My full name is listed here. I’d hardly call that hiding. One google search of my name and BAM you know exactly who I am.

    I offered words of encouragement for all religious gay teens so they know that God loves them regardless of what some people would say to them. I quoted inspirational scripture to help.

    I certainly hope everything you claim to have done etc is true. I hope you did it to help. You seem to be sincere but as I said maybe a tad over zealous. You admitted to not asking the parents for their permission to do all of this. You write in caps and then attack me and @BillySees for quoting scripture. It made you seem a little out there.

    Again, I never said anything meant to offend you but certainly my points of concern were valid.

    No need to respond to me. I do not want to take up more space on what should be an obituary thread for Jadin, his family, his friends, and those who would like to offer their support and condolences.

    My Sympathies to the family and friends of this unfortunate tragedy. His light certainly left to soon. Rest in Peace and May Your Soul Find Blissful Eternity.

  • mikro

    @Billysees: Hi Billysees, I had no idea whether his older siblings were on their own or even out of La Grande but now that’s clear. The only reason I appealed for those so inclined to donate was because of the way this particular tragedy played out. Speaking with the funeral home yesterday I was told his parents had purchased his burial plot yesterday. They also told me the funeral expenses were “substantial”.
    I didn’t think it right for Jadin to be buried by Queerty & other sites before he actually passed. If the fact that I tried to keep those interested informed as to whether he still drew breath or not turned into the mikro show, what can I say. You can’t post without logging in. That someone would call into question my mental stability & say in the post following yours that he never meant anything to offend me???? That he thinks that a funeral home has no one who answers phones etc & goes into theatrics(embalming bodies, SHEESH)and feels compelled to point out his “celebrity” status. Now I know I wasn’t being attacked by a typical coward behind a keyboard but a celebrity coward. I’m outta here & unlike someone who’s ignorant enough not to be able to ascertain that calling another’s mental stability into question is bound to be offensive when I’m gone, I’m gone.

  • mikro

    non-profit anti-bullying foundation launched in Jadin Bell’s memory

    oregonlive.com search “La Grande father” should be first result

  • Chad Hunt

    @mikro: Your reaction after I apologized and said i did not mean to offend is exactly the mental state I called into question. You sir, seem to be a very over dramatic person. I will attempt again to explain why it was possible you were not sincere.

    First, you seem to have received a lot of information from the hospital. (Hospitals are only allowed to give info to family)

    Second, u then change your story to say the hospital won’t give you any information but now you have another source.

    U make over 81 posts on a website obituary. @Kieran and @Gigi Gee have already shown how some people do troll (thats an internet term) sites and make heinous comments. Other trolls simply control all the posting as you seemed to be doing.

    U have a discussion about various things with people on here then chastise me and @Billysees for trying to offer some spiritual words of encouragement and support to religious gay youth.

    U post several times asking people to make a post so you know who is still following you. Again, making it about you and what you are doing instead of about Jadin.

    Statistically over 90% of people who read or follow a blog do not Post, or if they do it is usually rare and certainly not 81 times.

    U admit to not asking the parents for their permission to do any of this. U then “challenge” me to see what donation you have made? Creepy and weird … Again making it about what you did and are doing instead of about Jadin. You then call me coward etc and I’m supposed to think you are a stable individual.

    U scream because I don’t make a donation, and then say me offering the family condolences is cowardly and not genuine and you have done this that and the other thing. Again all about you and not Jadin.

    It really appeared and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought this. You were more interested in telling everyone what you were doing, what u have done, who is still following you, etc.

    Now, did I do my own research and call the hospital? … YES … Would they give me any info? … NO… Did I call the funeral home? … Yes, the first two times I got an answering service.

    Did I eventually talk to someone? … Yes … Why did I get an answering service? Because, according to Linda (who works there) they were busy with families and making arrangements, taking care of deceased parties, etc. The exact reasons I told you to begin with I didn’t want to call and take them away from these more important matters for answering a stupid question like did a guy named Mike R make a donation.

    As I said before, I had plenty of reason to question your motives etc and things did appear odd, but, as I also said you may have been just affected deeply, were totally sincere, just maybe a tad over zealous. So, I apologized. You didn’t except. Fine. Then you again attack me on another post. Gee, wonder why i thought you may be a lil cuckoo?

    From the start you could have just ignored me, looked me up on twitter or face book, or asked me for my email to discuss etc privately but No, you again had to make this all about you and rant and rave about how offended you were.

    So, again, I understand that you were being sincere and I apologize once again if you took offense to my questioning the motives of someone who didn’t even know the party in question.

    Now, I for sure will not post to you after this. Like I said to begin with, this should be about Jadin, and a place for people to offer condolences to family, friends, and offer inspiration and hope. I have posted 5 times to this thread and have wasted enough of the valuable staff here. Good Day Sir.

  • Chad Hunt

    For those of you who are “still here” as @mikro likes to say :

    He is correct. Jadin has passed and the funeral will be held tomorrow at 10a.m. Here is a link to the funeral home as has been previously posted. http://www.lovelandfuneralchapel.com

    My understanding is that the service for Jadin will also be broadcast over the internet were you so inclined to watch. I believe @Mikro has also posted the site for this.

    You can also offer your condolences to the family on the funerals website or donate flowers or gifts of money. I didn’t use my real name on the guest book but you can also sign that if you wish.

    I just thought it tacky to use my professional name and email on the funeral site.

  • Billysees

    This may be all of the pertinent information available now, 02/07/13 Thursday 8:00 PM —

    1. La Grande father says he accepted gay son, hopes his death will ‘stand for something’ —


    2. About 300 students, friends and community members gather Tuesday in the La Grande High School commons to remember Jadin Bell, 15. —


    3. Obituary —


    4. Don’t forget this info in order to see the funeral online —

    For those unable to personally attend services for Jadin, his funeral service will be broadcast live on the internet at http://www.funeralrecording.com. To view the funeral service, use the Memorial ID code 4053.

    Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live again one day, even after he dies”.

  • Andrew

    Live video not working.

  • Billysees

    @Andrew: 153

    The live video worked OK for me.

    The service started at 10:00 PM PST which is 1:00 PM EST.

    As of 2:35 PM EST, the service just finished.

    It was a very nice service. There was a slide presentation of photographs from Jadin’s life starting from early childhood till the present. Then there were stories and recollections told about Jadin’s life from family members and friends. And words of comfort from the church pastor. The service concluded with an invitation for all in the audience to gather for refreshments provided by volunteers.

    I would think that a replay is possible.

    You’d probably have to contact — http://www.funeralrecording.com

  • Billysees

    A replay does work as I just tried it out again.

    Go here — http://www.funeralrecording.com

    Then click on “Watch a Service” in the upper right hand corner of that page.

    Enter the Memorial ID code 4053 and click submit.

    Then click the white arrow in the center to start the service.

  • Chad Hunt

    Please continue to remember Jadin’s family, friends, & classmates in your thoughts and prayers while they continue through their grieving process. Let’s also do our parts in being advocates for change and remembering to vote for politicians who support the LGBT community.

  • Billysees

    @Chad Hunt: 2

    I was reading some of the other comments and came across this one from you made early on.

    Worth repeating here —

    When is the American Education System Going to learn.

    We need a compulsory social studies class taught in the elementary, middle, and high school levels that focus on acceptance of sexuality, religion, ethnicities, body image, gender, and social classes.


    How many more children need to die ?
    I would add that our churches, perhaps more than any other institution, should seriously consider upgrading its interpretation of their holy texts by constantly emphasizing the things that are really meaningful and practical and touching to all.

    Take note of the closing remarks of the church pastor from the memorial video when he spoke of his favorite scripture verses that he loves more than any other. They are now some of my favorite also.

    To summarize —

    Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest is Love.

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