Gay Panic Defense Challenged By Family

A jury will have their hands full with a gay-flavored case out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Steven Scarborough stands accused of beating 62-year old Victor Manious to death last July. Scarborough claims the Manious sexually assaulted him, so it wasn’t murder, but self-defense. Manious family calls bullshit on Scarborough, however, and insist that Manious, who was heavily involved in the church, wasn’t gay.

Twenty-two year old Yustina Manious described her late father as “peaceful” and expressed deep disbelief about Scarborough’s accusations: “I can’t imagine something like this was even said. I will never, ever believe it. Honestly, it’s an insult.” Oh, please, there are worst insults than being called gay.

While young Yustina may sincerely believe her father wouldn’t try it on another man, journo Barton Deiters reports that both prosecutors and the defense team have talked with at least one other person who corroborates that Manious liked men.