“Gay Panic” In India Killing

The gay panic defense has gone global. A college student named Arun Dor surrendered to police after murdering his friend and his friend’s grandmother. Why would a normal young man kill his pal? Because the pal’s a pole smoker, of course:

Debabrata Pani, an upcoming model and his grand mother Bina were found murdered at their house… The accused Arun Dora, a college student, surrendered at the Khandagiri police station and confessed to his crime. Dora alleged that Debabrata was repeatedly forcing him to a homosexual relationship. “I was depressed and shattered, so I decided to kill him when he called me to his home last night, the culprit said.
Since the old lady saw Arun committing the crime, he murdered her too… Arun said that ever since Debabrata forced him to have sex, he became very depressed…The accused claimed that he had waited for such an opportunity and planned to kill Debabrata. He had carried a sharp weapon and attacked his model-friend with it.

What’s that old saying, “Who needs enemies…”