Gay Panic! Where’s Our Song Of The Summer?

It’s already May and there’s no clear contender for the summer 2014 anthem. This greatly worries HitFix’s Louis Virtel, AKA “C-3PO’s masculinity coach.” After all, by this time last year “Blurred Lines” already owned the airwaves. Watch Virtel try to make sense of the desperate situation by analyzing possibilities by One Direction, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and others below.

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  • jazz4108

    My song of the summer is ” who Cares”

  • Jake357

    Ugh. Top 40. The suburban shopping center of music: catch the latest hit from Chili’s and stay tuned for your favorites from Hollister, Claires, and Olive Garden.

  • renly

    At this rate it looks like it might be Fancy by Iggy Azaelea, but I wouldn’t count out Katy Perry’s new song. As long as something comes around that can kill Happy I’ll be, well, happy.

  • Blackceo


    No Selfie Control has been out too long for it to be a summer anthem.

  • lemon-lime

    Robyn and Royksopp’s ‘Do it again’

  • michael mellor

    Realistically, you can be sure that no openly gay man will be amongst the candidates for song of the summer.

  • mada

    @lemon-lime: I second that.

  • skyeyes

    The gay song of the summer is right here in the “I don’t give a fuck” column. :-)

  • petas1124

    Fancy- iggy azalea!!

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