Gay Paper Fights Fake McElroy, Mesi Robo-Calls

Someone’s up to no good gay-bating here in New York State.

Gay City News reports that several districts across the state have been receiving robo-calls touting the paper’s “endorsements” of various Democratic candidates. One of the calls does highlight a real endorsement, that of gay-friendly former boxer Joseph Mesi (pictured). Another call, however, fabricates the weekly’s backing of Long Island-based Democrat Kristen McElroy. Though she supports gay marriage, GCN did not endorse her. The paper authorized neither call.

Paul Schindler elaborates:

According to an email received from a voter in the Sixth Senate District, which is in western Nassau County on Long Island, voters are being informed that Gay City News supports Democrat Kristen McElroy because “she will vote for gay marriage, and advance the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender agenda in Albany.”

A spokesman for McElroy’s campaign confirmed that they are receiving the same information from district voters, and are not the source of the calls. The campaign of McElroy’s opponent, Republican Kemp Hannon, the long-standing incumbent, told Gay City News they did not authorize the ads and do not know where they are coming from.

Mesi Republican rival, Michael Ranzenhofer, also has not yet commented.