Gay Paper Takes Another Shot At Obama

Mark Segal and his news team can’t quit needling Barack Obama.

This week’s cover of Philadelphia Gay News includes this stamp: “It’s been 1,529 days since the Senator spoke with local gay press.” That’s seven more days since the paper’s last jab, when the paper ran a half-blank cover protesting the Senator’s perceived silence. Segal also included another editorial this week, and surprisingly acknowledged his $1,000 contribution to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The publisher then proclaimed that Obama’s Advocate interview should not be considered “one and done:”

With all due respect, Senator, by going to The Advocate, you had a cheat sheet. Clinton had already answered our questions in PGN last week – the same questions you were going to be asked.

Only the local gay press will ask the detailed questions.

Regardless of his aggressive missive, Segal insists that he wants to be Obama’s ally, not his adversary. He’s got a funny way of showing it.