Gays, Blacks Hate Father Figures

Gay Parenting “Selfish,” Sez Belling

Mark Belling sure does love his men. The conservative radio host – who once referred to Latinos as “wetbacks” – used his air time guest hosting Rush Limbaugh‘s show to criticize a Vermont judge for granting Janet Jenkins visitation rights for the daughter she had with former lesbian lover, Lisa Miller.

Deriding the decision, Belling quibbed:

Can a baby have two mothers? It’s a new concept for us. And I’m not sure it’s an especially healthy one. First of all, it demeans the entire notion of fatherhood, implying that a father is an absolute irrelevancy, a concept that has destroyed many black families, the idea that we simply don’t need have to have any male role model in the life whatsoever.

Do black people really think men are irrelevant? We’re pretty sure there are people who would disagree. Like black fathers. Also, if Belling counts himself as a male role model, count us out.

Belling went on to call gays’ decision to have children “selfish”:

And the desire to have these kids is almost entirely premised on, “I want to have a baby. We want to have a baby.” Not, “Are we in the best situation to be able to raise a child?” And I think it comes down to just pure selfishness. And that’s what it’s all about.

But the larger point is, whether or not society needs to facilitate people’s desires to raise children any way they feel like raising them.

So, basically, gay people don’t have the same biological clocks as straights. We’re just selfish bastards who want to give a child a proper home. God, we really are an abomination!

Belling and daddy defender Jennifer Roback Morse best team up and start wrangling all them dirty queers. If they don’t, America will end up one big happy gay family. And what a nightmarish world that would be…