Gay Party Bashing

“I think most Americans would be put off if they knew what went on at these parties. Every special interest group has a ball of some sort, but this is not just any special interest group. More than half the country considers their behavior immoral.” —Peter LaBarbera (pictured), president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, on the presidential inauguration parties planned by gay groups. Mr. LaBarbera lists his email address as [email protected] according to the WHOIS information for

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  • Anarchos

    Sounds like Peter LaBarbera (could that last name be any gayer?) will be at as many of these parties as he can squeeze into his schedule.

  • Darth Paul

    So you mean he was greased up in that sling in the name of research?

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Say goodbye to the “backroom”

  • christopher

    He’s just jealous he wasn’t invited.

  • BJ

    Um, yeah. I live in the Castro. I go to a lot of little get-togethers here and there, and I go to bigger parties, too. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left parties early because they were booooooooooring. OK? Let’s get real. Pictures of trips to cute little beaches, yappy dogs snatching your hors d’oeuvres, crying babies!!! Gay parties, no matter what the occasion, have as much opportunity to be dull and bland as “straight” or nongay parties do. And nongay parties have as much opportunity to devolve into immoral orgies as gay parties. This guy is a dildo and a moron. As per usual…

  • ask ena

    Did I miss something? Are there gay inauguration sex parties that I haven’t heard about??

  • kevin

    Don’t forget, girls. It’s BYOC* and tricks get in free.

    Childcare will also be available.

    *Bring your own Crisco.

  • Mike

    Loud dance music and bitchy twinkie boys are immoral? Who knew?

  • Jaroslaw

    In Dan Savage’s book, “Slouching Towards Gommorrah” he goes into great detail about swinging clubs for heterosexual MARRIED couples. This is not hidden in the slightest.

    I’m not playing a kids game of “see all heterosexuals aren’t perfect either” rather – the stuff I mentioned above is almost never talked about.

    I’m tired of being bashed incessantly – as if you are for Gay marriage and endless perversion with countless partners or you’re for the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, white picket fence, and large boxes of heart shaped candy and bouquets of roses.

    Mr. LaBarbera – lots of heterosexuality activity, LOTS OF IT,does not meet your morality test either. Ask the 50,000 children of unwed parents in my own state A N N U A L L Y!!!!!!

  • Steve

    What a pathetic closet case. She probably has ticket to the orgy.

  • Alex

    Oh no, the paleocons don’t like gays having parties? Now who’s the Sore Loserman? (Despite the fact that those signs were part of a campaign that stole an election, wounded our sacred democracy, and appointed the worst straight president in U.S. history, they were still funny).

  • mark

    Petey’s butt plug is too big or too tight

  • Bruno


    Yeah, but that happened awhile back. That’s why he turned “ex-gay.”

  • Mark

    This just in! We don’t have an agenda.

  • northsiide

    Here’s an organization that I had not heard of. Of course, there is no truth there and contacting the website and it’s owner has not been successful at getting the truth. Check out the site:
    I’ve looked up the site’s contact info on and got some info:

    but to summarize the info below:
    site owner Peter LaBarbera
    phone: 630-717-7631
    cell phone to reach directly: 630-546-4439
    email address if you’d like to be articulate: [email protected]
    P.O. Box 5522
    Naperville, Illinois 60567-5522
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc. ( Domain Name: AMERICANSFORTRUTH.COM Created on: 17-Feb-98 Expires on: 16-Feb-09 Last Updated on: 01-Dec-06

    Administrative Contact:
    PO Box 5522
    Naperville, Illinois 60567-5522
    United States
    6307177631 Fax — 6308390799

    Technical Contact:
    PO Box 5522
    Naperville, Illinois 60567-5522
    United States
    6307177631 Fax — 6308390799
    Domain servers in listed order:

  • Jaroslaw

    Northside- thanks for all the work, but why would we want to contact them? They already know they are lying or at the very least presenting very biased information. Mr. LaBarbara is trying to make a name for himself. That is all. He isn’t interested in discussions to arrive at the “truth.” Yes, some people do have swinging parties, Gay AND straight. Is that news? Only to the fools who read his website.

  • Jaroslaw

    But of course, he isn’t reporting on Straight swingers, titty bars and the fact that most of the porn & prostitution is straight. (only because straights are a larger percentage of the population I grant, but don’t let him get away with pretending Gays are the ONLY ones who do these things.)

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