Gay Penguins To Become Proud Papas At Zoo In Madrid

Inca and Rayas, two male Gentoo penguins who have been pining away at Madrid’s Faunia Park, are finally getting to be dads now that an egg has been delivered to their nest.

The boys metcute six years ago and have been futilely building a nest every mating season since then—until finally the zoo decided to give them an egg.  “We wanted them to have something to stay together for,  so we got an egg. Otherwise they might have become depressed,” keeper Yolanda Martin told The Times of London.

Oh Yolanda, staying together for the kids never works.

As the guys await their bundle of joy, Inca has been devotedly sitting on the egg, while Rayas guards the nest and stores the food.

At least one observer says the situation is more nurture than nature: “When you put things in captivity, odd things happen,” Kevin McGowan of Cornell University’s Laboratory of Ornithology told ABCNews.com. “The way penguins work is they do get paired for a long time. Basically, the only other penguin they care about is their mate, so it’s important for them to find somebody who’s compatible, and if you don’t have a normal upbringing then it’s difficult to say how ‘normal’ they can be.”

Spare us your labels: Gay-penguin love will not be denied!

Besides, it’s not like there haven’t been other same-sex-loving waterfowl. Last year two male penguins named Adam and Steve were married at a zoo in northern China and given a baby chick to rear.

Oh c’mon—their names were not Adam and Steve!

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