Gay People Are Just Like Cars, And Homosexuality, Like Incest, Should Be Outlawed, Says David Barton

Glenn Beck and “pro-family” advocate David Barton got together to throw a little hate fest over the weekend.

Barton appeared on Beck’s show to spend an entire hour discussing the popular subject of Christian business owners having the right to discriminate against LGBT people in the name of religion.

During the conversation, Barton tried arguing that the government is no longer “respecting the private property of Christians’ consciences” by requiring them to go against their beliefs by serving gay people.

“The right of conscience used to be an inalienable right,” Barton babbled. “I think the best way to understand that is a jurisdictional analogy. Now, I’ve got my red pickup. You’ve got a white car. I look over in your yard. I really want your car to be red. So I go over and spray paint your car red.”

“The difference is,” he continued, “I can spray paint anything I want red if it belongs to me. But I cannot touch anything that’s yours.”

After comparing gay people to cars, Barton then compared homosexuality, in general, to incest, then suggested it ought to be outlawed.

“You can’t marry your brother and sister,” he said. “You can’t marry your first cousin. So there’s always been things that protect the moral climate of the society … You’ve always had standards on behavior.”

Watch Barton talk in circles below.

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h/t: Right Wing Watch