Gay People Make Baseball Coach with Homophobic Tendencies Cry

Ah, life. Every day a learning opportunity! For example, Roger McDowell, a 51-year old man, only just learned last week that it is not acceptable to shout homophobic insults and threaten to knock out peoples’ teeth with a baseball bat.

McDowell made headlines a few weeks ago when he did just that in San Francisco: the Atlanta Braves coach yelled at some fans that they looked like “a homo couple” and then picked up a bat and said “how much are your teeth worth?”

He was suspended for two weeks. Who knows what would have happened if he’d actually knocked the man’s teeth out! He might’ve gotten three weeks.

But now his two-week suspension is over and he’s back to work this week like nothing happened. Well, something’s changed: he clearly got in touch with his faggoty side during those two weeks, since his eyes welled up at last week’s press conference. What a girl! LOL JK.

But seriously folks, McDowell promises that everything’s going to be different from now on. “My feeling is that this is something that I’ve learned from,” he said. Yes, a very important lesson! Who could possibly have guessed that anyone would have reacted negatively?

Well, now we know. And let’s never talk about it again. “What happened … I don’t think is something that needs to be rehashed because I don’t think it’s productive in any aspect,” he added. Quite right. The most important thing that you can do, once you learn something, is to forget it as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, the SF Giants have just announced that they’re going to make an It Gets Better video. Will the Atlanta Braves follow suit? For that matter, do they even have any gay fans left after all this?