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Gay people respond in best way possible to woman who says she knows no happy gay folk

A happy gay couple respond to Gemma O'Doherty
One of the gay couples to respond to the video (Photo courtesy @The_DogWalker/Twitter)

Gay people have responded in their thousands to a conspiracy theorist who says she knows no happy gay people

Gemma O’Doherty, 52, is based in Ireland. Formerly a journalist with the Irish Independent, she parted ways with the newspaper in 2014 and has since become known for her activism and support of conspiracy theories.

In recent months, she has questioned lockdown measures and the use of vaccines against Covid-19. Her views have seen her banned from most social media platforms, including Twitter and YouTube for hate speech.

Gemma O’Doherty

A Twitter account called @aciquestion has recently started posting some of her more outlandish videos, to highlight her views. Last week, it posted a video clip in which she talked about gay people. In it, she lamented, “I don’t see anyone or know anyone who is gay who is happy. I just don’t. It’s a miserable lifestyle. It’s a promiscuous lifestyle. It’s a dark lifestyle.”

The tweet began to go viral, particularly after it was shared by Scottish actor David Paisley, who quite rightly asked, “I wonder if Gemma has considered that there’s a reason why happy gay people don’t want to know her…”

Gay people – many from the Ireland and UK – began to post photos of their happy lives.

Among those to comment were the actress and singer Heather Peace and Michelle Hardwick (star of UK TV soap Emmerdale).

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Some parents of gay people also added their opinion.

And the happy photos just kept coming.

Check the original tweet for many more photos of desperately unhappy and miserable gay folk.

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