Gay Performance Artist Will Have Sex With A Different Man Every Day For A Year

1910503_836372149738123_1577865485357100312_nMischa Badasyan has a very busy year ahead of him. The 26-year-old performance artist plans to have sex with a different man, every day, for the next 365 days beginning in September. That’s the idea behind his latest project, “Save the Date.”

“It’s going to be my most sophisticated and dangerous work of art, in terms of mental health,” Badasyan says. “So, yes, it’s going to be pretty hard — and to be honest, I’m a little bit scared.”

Badasyan says he hopes to explore the connection between loneliness, hook-ups, and the idea of “non-places,” a phrase coined by French philosopher Marc Auge that Badasyan explains refers to “supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, motorways … [where] people lose their identity, there’s no communication, people don’t feel a belonging to somewhere and that causes the loneliness of people.”

456309_10151191913304776_1065044763_oBadasyan says he wants to see what happens when he has sex in these “non-places.”

He plans on measuring his levels of loneliness, despite meeting and being intimate with a new person every day for a year, through photographs and video diaries, as well as by building a sculpture from items he collects from his liaisons.

“Collecting 365 pieces of each guy will help me to create a collective installation body and make all of the non-places into a place,” he explains.

“I don’t deny that it’s a bit egoistic,” Badasyan adds. “It’s OK. It’s performance art, and a performance artist should always be pushing his own body and the performance. The whole idea, why it’s art, why it’s a performance, is the process — the process of finding someone.”

Interested in participating in Badasyan’s project? Too bad. He is only having sex with men who do not know what he’s doing.

“I’m not going to tell my dates about this project,” he says. “What if I tell you I just had sex with you for an art project? People won’t like that. It’s horrible, actually.”

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  • crowebobby

    No sillier than thousands of other art “project” by world famous artists, but I have to say he is perhaps the oldest-looking 26-year-old I’ve ever seen.

  • Time Tripper

    I think one hook up is wishful thinking for this guy.

  • Cam

    I was going to read about his art project but stopped as I was afraid I might yawn myself to death.

  • Dxley

    It’s amazing what some people call “art”.

  • Scribe38

    Who wants to be with a guy who has slept with 365 other dudes? Not trying to slut shame the dude, but that’s all sorts of gross. Hope the dude is stocking up on rubbers, prep, and antibiotics.

  • Ridpathos



  • barkomatic

    This sounds like the type of nutty thing a depressed artist would dream up.

  • robho3

    I think I did that art project in my 20’s.

  • redcarpet30

    This just seems reckless, and as he admits, egotistical. I’m trying to see it from and art angle but it’s just not happening. Even the guy who was going to lose his virginity publicly seemed more “artistic” than this guys convoluted justification to have lots of sex.

  • ibernard

    I’m still laughing. He considers himself an artist? And this is his “project?”

    Oh my God.

    Too fucking funny.

    Masturbate every day for a year and keep each day’s offering in a Zip-Loc baggie and freeze it.

    There’s an idea.

  • Cam

    You can tell what an idiot this guy is by the fact that a bunch of posters on here who disagree about EVERYTHING are all in agreement that this guy is a fool.

  • Lvng1tor

    @ibernard: Then he could make a little statue of himself out of his frozen bag-o-cum…..Now that’s art!

    If having indiscriminate sex with strangers and examining feelings of emptiness afterwards is art just add alcohol, drugs and eventual HIV & My 30’s belong in the LOUVRE! 365…amateur!

  • Amalgamate

    This chunky unattractive man will not be bale to have sex every day with someone new-impossible

  • Amalgamate

    agreed!hes so unattracive

  • Amalgamate

    his body is grotesque

  • Saint Law

    Okay, so he’s going to have sex with a different man every day in a shopping trolley? Did I read that right?

  • Nuttypea

    “Surely if I call it an ‘art-project’ people will want to have sex with me.”
    Are there even 365 unique users on CraigsList who are also into public sex?

    He says he wants to see what happens when he has sex in nonplaces, he should start by seeing if he can pick a guy up in these nonplaces.

  • vive

    It’s unfortunate that some people here feel the need to insult his looks.

    However, isn’t this an idea that has been used up already? I thought the Colby Whoever guy was kind of doing something similar already.

  • Masc Pride

    Performance art my ass! Guys on Grindr have already been doing this for years, so nothing ground-breaking there. The interesting part will be if this bloated eyesore can actually get 365 different men (presumably not blind) to have sex with him.

  • WeAreAllOne

    Art is subjective. We haven’t even see how he presents his work yet, so how can we criticize it? Art is meant to make you look. In this respect, he’s already succeeding! Must we always be such catty queens? Just look or don’t. Those are the art rules: look or don’t. But do it with reverence. Leave critiquing to the critics. Enjoy the show!

  • WeAreAllOne

    What would be hilarious is if another artist in a “art imitates life, imitating art” stunt, secretly does an art project about getting this artist laid by guys who actually know about the project and thereby do all kindsa odd sex things..

  • Andrew Yang

    @WeAreAllOne: Now that is an idea hahaha!!!

  • Black Pegasus

    @Masc Pride: lol this is truth..
    Even guys with gym bodies would eventually fall short of securing a hot [email protected] each and every night.

  • tardis

    “It’s going to be my most sophisticated and dangerous work of art…”

    Lol, okay.

  • money718

    Geez…I hope he saved up enough dollarsfor the escorts he will be paying.

  • Lvng1tor

    Ladies and Gentleman I’d like to pronounce today a holiday…..A queerty post where everyone agrees….even @Masc Pride: I think I’m gonna cry. Group Hug!

  • Kweery

    The guy is gross I.doubt he will get one hit in a single hole in a year

  • james_in_cambridge

    @Cam: Ha! When you’re right, you’re right! What the hell makes this dude any different from your typical Grindr slut anyway? Most Grindr users probably hook up with close to 300 dudes a year, every year, too. Please!

  • james_in_cambridge

    I don’t wanna double down on this guy but I must say, pretentious, saggy and obnoxious really are a bad combination. I don’t really know if that’s why but man, does he annoy me!

  • Tackle

    This can be achieved. And one thing I learned about artists with their so-called art projects is that they can throw a wrench in the mix, and you have to read between the lines, and consider ALL options.

    The hottest, most beautiful guys cannot get/have sex 24/7.
    So I’m sure half of his sexual activities will consist phone sex, sexting and online cam hook-ups ,along with the actual in the flesh acts.

    And I know many, including myself, if there is an agreement of monogamy, there is to be no phone sex, sexting or cam hook-ups. For me that is sex, and would constitute cheating.

  • Tackle

    @vive: I would understand your point about criticism about his appearance, if his picture was posted without his consent.

    But he’s the one who took a naked or body pic of himself, and posted it online, with his intent for the world to see.
    If you’re going to talk about art that involves the physical act of sex, along with a nude, semi or body pic, expect to be judged on your physicality.

  • DeeJayMiles

    @robho3: I think I did that art project in my 20?s. hahaahaahahahahahahaha!

  • spencer87

    Well this “art” project isn’t safe for so many reasons.The main thing that irritates me though,is how people are calling him fat/unattractive.Then going on to say he won’t find anyone willing to have sex with him….Sickening.

  • David

    @crowebobby: Wait until you see him a year from now!

  • Lee4u

    I would never limit myself to just one Man a day..

  • vive

    @Tackle, people expose their bodies in all kinds of public places, for example, the beach. Does that give license to hurl insults at them for not looking like models? It is rude, and being anonymous online makes it no less rude. It really says more about the upbringing of the person writing the insult than the person being insulted.

  • Modernheretic

    What does being a slut have to do with creativity? Theres plenty of “artist” in just about any gay bar.

  • cvdixon29

    More power to him!

  • Kieru

    I don’t get why people are focusing on his physical characteristics. Everyone has a ‘type’ and I doubt he’ll have trouble finding willing partners just because his body type doesn’t get your loins moist.

    But what he’s doing … I just don’t get it. First of all the whole exploration of anonymous sex as art has been done. A lot. It’s not innovative or unique … not even under the umbrella of it being a gay man performing. So his work is already quite derivative.

    Red Flag #1.

    He admits to already being lonely, and already engaging in this sort of non-place anonymous sex. So his project is… to do more of that but under the label of ‘art’.

    Red Flag #2.

    I think what he’s arguing to be ‘art’ would be a much more interesting scientific study. How does anonymous, casual sex affect ones mental health. Are you more or less happy? Does an increase in the frequency of the anonymous sex influence the degree of that mood, etc. As art though? Not so much.

  • onthemark

    I see another problem besides his looks. It’s the “non-places.” Suppose for the sake of argument he starts succeeding in getting a new guy every day (unlikely I think, but…). Having sex in those non-places is illegal and eventually he will get arrested. Won’t a day or two in jail, here and there over a year, ruin his art project? And you can joke about sex in jail, but jail doesn’t count as a “non-place.” Jail is definitely a PLACE!

  • NateOcean

    Wouldn’t it be funny to tamper with his alarm clock on the last day.

    And he’d sleep in and miss his final sex-date.

    Then he’d have to completely start over.

  • DarkZephyr

    He is going to be lucky if he doesn’t catch HIV or something else. Seriously someone close to him in his life needs to try to wake him up and talk him out of this or he will really hurt himself.

  • jar

    @WeAreAllOne: There is more to art than merely looking. And in fact relegating the experience of art to only looking defeats the purpose of art- to affect the viewer. Furthermore, the act of looking or not looking (how does one engage art if the choice is to look or not look? One must be exposed to the art in order to decide not to look, at which point s/he has already looked) is a form of criticism itself. Art without criticism (not just from critics) is hollow. If the purpose of art is to engage the viewer, the viewer’s response is necessarily a criticism of the art, whether positive or negative. THAT is how art works.

  • wakeupscreaming


    If there’s ever a need to slutshame someone, it’s this guy…now.
    After the first dozen or so sex partners, he could get an std. And then give the other 340 partners what he got. Completely wreckless irresponsible slut behavior.
    Good luck skankface.

  • Arkansas Razorback

    How awful that this is portrayed as “art”.

    Perhaps her next project can be a pictorial of the scabs, warts, and pustules acquired during this “art project”.

    I’ll say this. She has refined “attention whoring” to an “art form”.

  • vive

    A lot of the commenters here seem to have never heard of this newfangled thing called “safe sex.”

  • pressuredrop

    Art has the ability to mean a lot of different things. Some people believe that art is all about aesthetic value, and others believe it has to do with the emotions inspired when you encounter the art.

    He’s obviously playing into a lot of different insecurities that people have. He hasn’t even begun his project, but people are already giving strong reactions in almost all directions: some slut-shaming, some worrying for his health, some scoffing at his lack of scope or ability to fulfill his rules. Very few people defending him. It may be an extreme, but I think he got the reactions he wanted…

    And, yeah, I totally think this is art. Not the kind of art I would buy to furnish my house, but that’s obviously not the intention.

  • tdx3fan

    @Amalgamate: I’m chunky and unattractive and have plenty of sex… mostly with guys that I am into. Somehow, people find me hot. It probably doesn’t hurt that I have a huge dick. Judgmental much?

  • tdx3fan

    @vive: Apparently neither have you or you would realize what we normally refer to safe sex is only really safe in the terms that it makes it harder to contract HIV. There are still many, many STIs that really are not at all infected by condom usage because they are either transmitted orally via making out (mono, Hep C), or skin contact (Herpes, Genital Warts). Condoms keep the big ones (mostly) from contracting, but its still not “safe.”

  • buffnightwing

    There is no way in hell that the guy will get any sex for everyday of the year? NO WAY. Unless he PAYS them, even then I would throw up. GROSS

    He’s just a creepy gross pervert looking for attention.

  • Cam

    @NateOcean: said….

    “Wouldn’t it be funny to tamper with his alarm clock on the last day.
    And he’d sleep in and miss his final sex-date.
    Then he’d have to completely start over.”


  • Nuttypea

    @tdx3fan: not to mention all the crabs…

    @buffnightwing: he really should have qualified his project as ‘attempting’ to have sex with a different guy every day, as it is even an attractive guy would have trouble finding 365 unique partners who are okay with public sex with someone they likely only met that day.

  • edwardnvirginia

    PERHAPS the actual art project is to collect these comments?!

    Colby Keller – generally regarded to be attractive, as this dude is generally regarded to be un-attractive – left commercial porn, and got a lot of people to donate over $45K so that he could make ‘art porn’ across the US:

    “My plan is to buy a van, a mattress and a camera and travel across the country. I’ll meet all my amazing fans, blog my adventures, collaborate with other artists and make videos in every state. … I plan to make a porn in every state (and whatever they call states in Canada-jk! jk!). . . and I’ll do it in less than a year….” (from indiegogo).

    So, why shouldn’t this dude do the same?

    The dude in GA who recorded his family getting mean with him raised over $95K.

    Basically proving the point that there are LOTS of queers with LOTS of money!

    LOTS enough to donate to porn-making (as if there were not enough already? More than anyone could see in 100 lifetimes!) and LOTS to donate to 20 yr old men who still live with mom and dad and make money off of humiliating them. …

    Strange values, aye, dear queers?!

  • bambamboom777

    One thing any decent art school teaches you is that if the artist calls it art, then it is art. It’s the context that sets it apart from other people who may do something similar in everyday life. That doesn’t mean it is good art or that you need to like it or understand it, but if the intent is to make art, then that’s what it is. This is nothing new, the Dadaists displayed toilets as art, Jackson Pollack slung paint at a canvas, Piss Christ was a crucifix in a bottle of urine and is one of the most well-known works in 20th Century art history.

    Annie Sprinkle spreads her legs and projects a big screen image of her vagina to audiences as performance art. There’s a guy who shits on stage and throws it at the audience. Another one who masturbated under a faux bridge in a gallery while people walked over and his moaning was played on a loudspeaker. Jeff Koonz, who can’t draw or paint, hires artists and sculptors to do all the work for him and then signs his name as the artist and sells the work for millions. Yoko Ono sat in bed naked with John Lennon and did a press conference as a piece of performance art. And there was the guy who placed an American flag on the floor in front of a guest book and invited viewers to write their opinions in it, forcing them to stand on the flag so those offended would have to do the very thing they were complaining about. I could fill pages of other examples.

    This is conceptual art. The idea is what is important, not the finished project or the craftsmanship or how pretty it is. Conceptual art is best when it causes people to react, even if that reaction is insults, anger, ridicule, confusion. Every reaction becomes part of the performance, even the comments on his looks or saying that it’s been done before or the fact that he doesn’t fit the fantasy appearance some gay men have of sexual desire.

    Conceptual art is controversial by design and the fact that most people hate it or don’t get it is actually a big part of it. Some of the major political battles and of the 80’s that evolved into the Culture Wars of today involved right wing conservatives outraged at this type of art and their attempts to censor it which brought out often homophobic arguments against it. Robert Mapplethorpe was one target of this with his homoerotic photography. It brought a lot of attention to issues and in the long run it seems to have helped bring glbt issues into the mainstream conversation and the effects on Western culture seem to have been quite positive in the long run. Pushing the envelope and getting a rise out of people is the whole point.

    If everyone had just commented on how hot he was and how they wanted to have sex with him, it would not be as effective as performance art. That’s what separates art from porn and performance art from entertainment.

  • Realitycheck

    Let him have it, IF he can, the way he looks …….. it will be difficult
    to get one a month…….

    But seriously, as a New Yorker with plenty of artists/performers friends, there is
    a lots of denial among artists on why they like to be nude on stage/film/pictures
    or theater, or even engage in light erotic work………

    Thruth is, most of the time we are dealing withe xibitionists that get off showing off in public, and it is not a sexual reward but emotional.
    And rom the viewer point of view it is often more about and erotic display and sex fantasises, then art as well……

    By the way calling art doesn’t make it so and call one self artist doesn’t make it so either…..people will tell you when you are artist……..is that simple.

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