Gay Philanthropist Drops A Cool $23 Million To Endow New Social-Justice Center

Kalamazoo College got a big fat check today from the Arcus Foundation, a nonprofit founded by out billionaire Jon Stryker (above) “to achieve social justice that is inclusive of sexual orientation, gender identity and race, and to ensure conservation and respect of the great apes.”

Yes, you read that right—great apes. he’s a billionaire, he can do whatever the hell he wants.

The endowment is for the college’s new Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership, which is focused on “developing emerging leaders and sustaining existing leaders in the field of human rights and social justice, creating a pivotal role for liberal arts education in engendering a more just world.”

Stryker, an alum of Kalamazoo College, is the grandson of healthcare innovator Homer Stryker, who invented the mobile hospital bed. Currently, the younger Styker has a net worth of about $2.1 billion and has given millions toward the cause of gay rights.

Yeah, but is he single?