Gay Politician Stewart McDonald Questioned At NYC Hotel About Sharing Bed With Partner

stewart mcdonald
Stewart McDonald, via Facebook.

A New York hotel has apologized to a gay member of UK parliament, Stewart McDonald, the SNP MP for Glasgow South, after their reception questioned why he would want to share a bed with his partner.

The couple checked into the Hotel Pennsylvania after their flight home was delayed.

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“Really? Both of you in the same bed?” the receptionist reportedly asked when McDonald confirmed that he wanted a room with a single bed.

“I told [the receptionist] Gordon was my partner and he then just stood and stared at us for a few seconds, before proceeding to check us in. He was clearly baffled and uncomfortable with the idea of two men, who are in a relationship, sharing a bed,” he told PinkNews.

After complaining about the incident on Twitter, the hotel responded, claiming it was just an attempt at an upsell. McDonald disputed that conclusion.

“I had a meeting with the guest services manager, who very sincerely apologised and talked me through how he is going to ensure it doesn’t happen again by initiating some training amongst all staff,” he told BuzzFeed News.

“Same-sex couples just shouldn’t have to go through this sort of stuff in 2016,” he added.

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  • Bauhaus

    “Same-sex couples just shouldn’t have to go through this sort of stuff in 2016″

    No, we shouldn’t. Getting the stink eye can be unpleasant, but it is a disgrace that same-sex couples can be denied lodging in this country.

  • ChrisGMN

    What gay man in their right mind would ever stay at the Penta anyway??

  • JamesG76

    In NYC 1 extra night because of JFK shutdown. Checked in to @NYHotelPenn & receptionist questioning why 2 men would want one double bed.

    It is weird for two grown men to share a double bed… He should have been asking for a king.

  • MediaGuy

    This attention whore is making an issue where one does not exist. The clerk couldn’t give a shit less about what this bitch does in her bed, but this “member” of Parliament wanted to draw attention that he finally had some dick to play with in bed (other than his own). So you have a boyfriend, who the fuck cares. “Look at me, look at me”. Oh, you’re exhausting, really, STFU.

  • HereinNYC

    *sigh* i feel his pain every time a cashier asks if me and my husband are paying together.
    i can’t imagine that a straight couple gets asked this. about the continued novelty about about gay marriage.

  • HereinNYC

    @mediaGuy – What a simply bizarre reaction.

  • Brian

    New York is not the sunny, open-minded place it claims to be.

  • Magnus

    @MediaGuy: Let me guess you have this reaction whenever you’re not the focus on attention in your private life. He is a politician from one of our closest if not closest allies. So they screwed up doubly here by insulting him as a gay man and as a guest in our country. Your like a crab in a buckets. “Wahh my life sucks and I suck it up so you should too.” Just seriously piss off, you heartless son of a bitch.

  • Magnus

    @MediaGuy: You represent everything that is wrong in our community you internalized homophobic prick. Take your jackass opinions and shove em where no guy would dare put his dick.

  • Stache

    I’ll bet the clerk has some Muslim name. FOTB basically.

  • SFHarry

    I don’t understand why the politician felt he shouldn’t be questioned because he was in a relationship. No one should be questioned. It doesn’t matter if they had met that night behind the dumpster at Burger King. If two people ask for one bed just do your job and get them a room with one bed.

  • Magnus

    @SFHarry: At least aim to meet someone behind the dumpsters at a Subway… but a Burger King? Really?

  • Kangol

    Um, New York State and City have laws protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination based on public accommodations, so this MP could sue. The NY Penn Hotel got off easy with its apology. From Wikipedia: “In 2003, New York’s Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act (SONDA) took effect. SONDA ‘prohibits discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived sexual orientation in employment, housing, public accommodations, education, credit, and the exercise of civil rights.'[12]” Under no circumstances should a New York hotel question two consenting adults, whatever their relationship, about sharing a bed. Unfortunately LGBTQ people in over 25 other states in the US do not have these protections.

  • randeman

    @Brian: Oh? Because one guy in a hotel makes a faux pas suddenly all of New York is intolerant? I got news for ya, sweetheart, I live in New York. I’ll have forgotten you thirty seconds after I met you. We don’t give a shit.

  • GayEGO

    My goodness! In New York City? When I gave a family reunion in Boise, Idaho in 2010 my partner and I stayed in a hotel with two friends who shared the same bed and they were not asked why. I find it odd these days, except maybe in some southern states, that a couple would be asked this question now that marriage equality is the law of the land here in the USA and the UK.

  • Larry

    Maybe this person’s employer should fire the guy and refer him to Franklin Graham for employment.

  • Imperialist

    This clerk is NOT a New Yorker. A REAL New Yorker would not give a fuck.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    If this is what “homophobia” consists of nowadays, we’re in pretty good shape. So the desk clerk paused for “a few seconds,” then proceeded to check you in anyway? OH THE HORROR!!!

    I’ve stayed at this hotel and most of the rooms are small, with beds accordingly. Most are just double beds, NOT queen size (pun unintended) and that’s not uncommon in a budget-priced, century-old NY hotel. So not all couples would be thrilled with that, or expect that. This is not a big deal.

  • Me2

    Well… it was the Hotel Pennsylvania! That place is a sh!t hole, it’s no surprise that their employees are too.

  • scotty

    if you asked for a single bed and there were two of anyone that would get a snarky look. now if you had asked for one king size (or queen size idk ive never met them) im certain no one would have batted an eye. but 2 of anyone would just simply not fit in a “single” bed. if im reading that correctly.

  • Evji108

    Hotel Pennsylvania is a total dump. This is what you get when you stay in a tourist bus rat hole. He is lucky he got out without a disease.

  • o.codone

    There’s no way that the clerk was “judging” this this guy for wanting to share the same bed with his husband. The clerk was probably reacting to the situation along the lines of “we can do so much better than one silly little cramped bed bro”, “we can upgrade you”. Who would want to be jammed into a little bed when they can have room to move around and even get a little frisky. It is excessively narcissistic to think that the clerk is SO interested in your life that he’s raising an eyebrow over what you do with your husband. Seriously, nobody gives a freak, particularly in NYC where a couple of weeks ago a guy wearing just a jock strap and boots got served in Burger King. Nobody cares, so STOP MAKING IT ABOUT YOU.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    @Evji108 & Me2: Come on, it’s not that bad. It’s clean and well kept up, it’s just old and the rooms are small by modern standards. But apparently you guys are the type who can spend $400 a night on a hotel room?

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