Gay Politician Stewart McDonald Questioned At NYC Hotel About Sharing Bed With Partner

stewart mcdonald
Stewart McDonald, via Facebook.

A New York hotel has apologized to a gay member of UK parliament, Stewart McDonald, the SNP MP for Glasgow South, after their reception questioned why he would want to share a bed with his partner.

The couple checked into the Hotel Pennsylvania after their flight home was delayed.

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“Really? Both of you in the same bed?” the receptionist reportedly asked when McDonald confirmed that he wanted a room with a single bed.

“I told [the receptionist] Gordon was my partner and he then just stood and stared at us for a few seconds, before proceeding to check us in. He was clearly baffled and uncomfortable with the idea of two men, who are in a relationship, sharing a bed,” he told PinkNews.

After complaining about the incident on Twitter, the hotel responded, claiming it was just an attempt at an upsell. McDonald disputed that conclusion.

“I had a meeting with the guest services manager, who very sincerely apologised and talked me through how he is going to ensure it doesn’t happen again by initiating some training amongst all staff,” he told BuzzFeed News.

“Same-sex couples just shouldn’t have to go through this sort of stuff in 2016,” he added.