Gay Politico Takes It All Back

After being charged with extortion, Iowa Senator Matt McCoy did what any self-respecting politico would do: he called it a witch hunt.

The four-term lawmaker stands accused of milking $2,000 from Des Moines-based security company, Security Plus, which installed their products in nursing homes. Feds allege McCoy asked for $100 each time the company installed a unit in nursing homes. McCoy insists he’s innocent and, last month, intimated to The Advocate that political rivals were targeting him because he’s gay:

Since coming out as an openly gay man. I have been a continuous target of groups targeting gays to advance their own agendas of intolerance and hate. Clearly, there is significant speculation about what has motivated federal officials to take this action against me.

The argument must have fallen flat, because McCoy’s now pulled a bit of a flip-flop

At the time I was interviewed, I had a lot to say, and those were suspicions at the time. Since then, I honestly have to say, I have found no evidence to support some of the thoughts that I had at the time that I shared with the media.

McCoy’s not about to say he’s entirely innocent, though:

McCoy said he does still have concerns about the motivations of the U.S. attorneys office, and said that of about 3,000 elected officials currently under federal investigation, 80 percent are Democrats.

“Do I think that there is an organized effort out there? I can only say that I don’t believe Democrats are more likely to break the law than Republicans,” he said. “I have to believe there are some people out there who are innocent as I was and am.” McCoy argued in The Advocate interview that U.S. Attorney Matt Whitaker is pursuing the case against him in an attempt to show conservative loyalty to the Bush administration in the wake of the U.S. attorney firings by the Justice Department.

Now that we believe…

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