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Gay Porn’s Biggest Fans Live In The Most Intolerant States, Says Pornhub

Jarek-Fucks-and-Creampies-Sheridan-2Aside from having one of the more hilarious corporate Twitter accounts around, porn clip megasite Pornhub has some pretty impressive statistics regarding the porn-viewing habits of the world.

Pornhub’s insight is so accurate that the company was able to pinpoint an exact moment when fans tuned out of the Super Bowl and into porn this year. They’ve previously released statistics showing trends between porn keywords and viewing consoles, and this week, they’re proving that gay porn searches are hottest in states where same-sex marriage is illegal.


Pornhub and BuzzFeed teamed up recently to prove that homophobes are consuming gay porn at a much higher rate than anyone else.


They found that the gayest gay porn viewers are apparently in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia:

In number one, holding a record 5.58% gay users, is a state where, funny enough, butt sex is still illegal: Mississippi. Louisiana is closely on its rear at 5.44%, and Georgia with 5.38%.

As for the States with legalized gay marriage, there’s no big surprises in the top 3: Hawaii at 5.38%, followed by notoriously liberal New York at 5.27%, and California with 5.27%.

Hope they enjoyed the “Fuck Dynasty” (nsfw) parody!

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  • Malcontent

    Percentage difference of a percentages seems a bit dodgy statistically, particularly when you’re looking at differences less than 0.3%.

    This data is far more interesting because actually it inadvertently potentially supports the generally held idea that roughly 5% of the population are gay. Perhaps more depending on exactly what these percentages refer to (e.g. are they % of all porn searches? or % of porn searches for gay male porn only? or % of porn searches for gay AND/OR lesbian porn? etc.).

  • ridgelineranger

    Goodness knows I’m doing my part to boost the numbers in Mississippi. Not much of anything else to do here.


    @Malcontent: “This data is far more interesting because actually it inadvertently potentially supports the generally held idea that roughly 5% of the population are gay. ”

    Yes, interesting. It may indeed be a better metric. Although I can see potential glitches in the data. Personally I never watch gay porn, and at any one time a sigificant percentage of gay guys might be adequately satiated by str8 porn; likewise bi and bicurious guys are even more precisely catered to on that side of the fence. Moreover, is the kind of psychologically conflicted type who is unable to admit even to himself he’s gay much less cop to it in an anonymous survey, just as likely to refrain from clicking the “gay” option on sites like pornhub which are strictly segregated (excepting the ubiquitous “[email protected]”/ “[email protected]” porn)? Also, not being au fait with the gay porn myself I dunno is pornhub the gayporn officianado’s first choice? I have no idea. I’m an Xhamster kinda guy.

  • Sebizzar

    @ridgelineranger: Hahaha!

    You know I would’ve thought California would be at least #2, considering the size, population, and pretty much all porn is produced here.

  • DickieJohnson

    Busted! I’m guilty of some of that % in MS, which has a very high rate of redneck homophobia, denial, and closet-ism. Except for the Gulf Coast region and some college towns, it is a gaysex wasteland! We can’t simply amble down to the corner gay-bar for a pickup.

  • mightymouse

    Okay, it’s driving me crazy and not relevant, but: what’s the picture in the article from? A Sean Cody video?

  • Goforit

    I have pretty much “single handedly” upped California’s average a couple of % points.

  • balehead

    They also made Desperate Housewives a hit too…

  • EGO

    Scientists at several universities have tested homophobic attractions to the same sex as being stronger than LGBT. One of the tests was performed by using hypnosis to determine which one was more aroused by the same sex and it was a homophobic. So it does not surprise me that more of the so-called religious fanatics, rednecks, some Republicans, are secretly visiting porn sites than are the LGBTs. :>)

  • cmhbuck

    I’m with Mightymouse.

    What video is that pic from? I’ve GOT to go watch that!!!

  • Shanestud

    The two hot guys featured in the photo are featured in an on-line video at Sean Cody called Sheridan & Jarek: Bareback.

  • wollam11

    Go to Vidster. It’s free there.

  • gayyybasherrr

    The Southern States mentioned with high gay porn users, are also States that have a high population of blacks. Most blacks are closet gays (amongst other animalistic behaviors).

  • Mercurical Memo

    I wanted to start laughing. But it somehow seems poetic.

  • Daggerman

    …well you know what really is funny about saying the most visited porn sites in the US are Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, they’re the bible belt states for starters but as predicted and not that surprised, pathetic hypocritical bastards….

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