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Gay Porn’s Biggest Fans Live In The Most Intolerant States, Says Pornhub

Jarek-Fucks-and-Creampies-Sheridan-2Aside from having one of the more hilarious corporate Twitter accounts around, porn clip megasite Pornhub has some pretty impressive statistics regarding the porn-viewing habits of the world.

Pornhub’s insight is so accurate that the company was able to pinpoint an exact moment when fans tuned out of the Super Bowl and into porn this year. They’ve previously released statistics showing trends between porn keywords and viewing consoles, and this week, they’re proving that gay porn searches are hottest in states where same-sex marriage is illegal.


Pornhub and BuzzFeed teamed up recently to prove that homophobes are consuming gay porn at a much higher rate than anyone else.


They found that the gayest gay porn viewers are apparently in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia:

In number one, holding a record 5.58% gay users, is a state where, funny enough, butt sex is still illegal: Mississippi. Louisiana is closely on its rear at 5.44%, and Georgia with 5.38%.

As for the States with legalized gay marriage, there’s no big surprises in the top 3: Hawaii at 5.38%, followed by notoriously liberal New York at 5.27%, and California with 5.27%.

Hope they enjoyed the “Fuck Dynasty” (nsfw) parody!