Gay Preacher Gets Past Guilt, Praise God!

gaybig924.jpgWe haven’t been to church for fifty or sixty years a few weeks, and the guilt is killing us. We’re filthy, sinning infidels looking for the path to righteousness, but in these days of being talked down to by the Evangelicals–oh, how that word gives us agida–it’s hard to remember we’re supposed to pray to God, not to a church. The church used to be such a happy place for us…we have such fond memories of youth group, going to dance parties and camping out on canoe trips and praying for boys to like us the homeless and world peace and stuff. Alas, those days are long, long gone.

Entre’ Wes Mullins, a survivor of an “ex-gay” conversion program, who decided to keep his gayness after all and enrolled in seminary school. Of course, he got kicked out for marrying another man, but that just makes him that much cooler, really. He now leads the masses as Assistant Pastor at Metropolitan Community Church in Portland, Oregon, gay as can be and loving it. Hallelujah.

It’s such a shame that “religion” has become a dirty word in gay circles, and we’re thrilled people like Mullins are putting a fresh face on things. We’ve never been to a MCC service, but perhaps we’ll give it a try. Mom would be proud of us.

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