Robert Taylor's Raise Raises Questions

Gay Preacher Man To Be Fired For Firings?

Reverend Robert Taylor may have to find a new job. Right-wing Virtue Online reports that the gay South African native recently came under scrutiny at his Washington-based congregation:

…Taylor, Dean of St. Mark’s Cathedral, a man living openly in a non-celibate homosexual relationship with another man, faces possible firing following a pay raise that brought his salary up to $200,000, while he laid off staff at the landmark cathedral.

St. Mark’s Cathedral fell $100,000 short of its pledging goal in 2007, prompting the Lenten layoff of two priests from the staff. Angry parishioners forced the revelation that the cathedral dean receives more than $200,000 in annual salary and benefits. Almost every parish in the Diocese of Olympia in Western Washington has reported a decline in income during the past year.

Letters obtained by VirtueOnline revealed “significant leadership and management issues that need to be addressed in a timely and comprehensive manner”. As a result, the vestry adopted a Resolution asking that Olympia Bishop Greg Rickel appoint an independent party to assess leadership and management issues at the Cathedral.

Don’t you love how they qualify Dean’s “non-celibate homosexual relationship”.