Gay Pride Takes LA!!

We know it’s hard to believe, but West Hollywood got even more gay this weekend as about 175,000 homos took to the street for Los Angeles’ pride march.

Marriage proved to be the dominant theme during the celebrations. And for good reason: Californian queers can start tying the proverbial knot in five days.

On the 1.4-mile parade route along Santa Monica Boulevard, dancers in skimpy briefs strutted atop flatbeds and a firetruck. Convertibles carried elected officials waving at the crowd and men in drag, including Allan Penales, an actor from “La Cage aux Folles,” which opened Saturday at the Knightsbridge Theater in L.A. He wore a flowing white gown with a 2-foot-high sequined headdress.

Among those honored were Robin Tyler and the Rev. Troy Perry, two plaintiffs in the lawsuit that led to last month’s Supreme Court ruling. Rodney Scott, president of the Christopher Street West Assn., which organized the event, said the decision to honor them had been made before the ruling.

The parade didn’t come without a few clouds, of course, with anti-gay activists picketing along the route. Most of the marchers, says the LA Times, simply walked by laughing. Don’t you love the gays?!


The LA Times has many more wonderfully lavender shots.