Gay Priest Outed On Live Television

_64028438_64028436Reverend Sally Hitchiner already knew she was making waves by appearing on BBC 5 to promote her particular brand of religion — that is, one in which women can be priests and can live full, complete lives without the conventional moral shackles of organized religion.

Except then host Matt Barbet threw her a curve ball.

He mentioned to the live audience that on top of everything, Sally is an “out vicar,” despite the information never having been made public.

Sally took it in stride, owning up to the news without backing away. After the interview she was quoted saying, “I suppose it was bound to come out eventually. My parents know. It’s not as if anyone who loves me will be shocked.”

Barbet insists he thought the information was public based on his research for the interview — an unlikely excuse given the fact that just seven months ago Sally was described by The Daily Mail as having “no children and doesn’t talk about her private life.”

We never like to see anyone forced out of the closet, but we’re happy to have her on our team nonetheless.

H/t: Gay Star News