Gay Prison Love in Cali

California may not allow gays to marry, but lawmakers will now allow gay prison inmates conjugal visits with their lovers. The move comes after the ACLU joined forces with a number of prisoners, including 40-year old ex-convict Vernon Foeller.

Foeller had been serving a 20-month sentence and wanted to see his lover. His lover, however, felt uncomfortable under the guard’s glares, so he called the ACLU to get his back. The social defenders organized a hearing for last Wednesday, at which Foeller spoke:

I heard from a lot of people inside the prison who thought it was a step forward. People who are doing life terms, or even seven-to-life, can’t get family visits, and they saw what I was doing as a step to roll that back.

The new rules will allow an estimated 170,000 inmates the opportunity to get their legal swerve on – ain’t justice grand?

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