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Gay pro wrestler is taking his story to the stage, promises homoerotic wrestling sessions and more

Gary Thomas.

British pro wrestler and independent filmmaker Gary Thomas is ready to come out. Again.

Thomas, 50, just announced he will bring his autobiographical story of working as a professional wrestler in the 1990s in the new stage play Wrestling for Pleasure.

The show will debut on June 17 at The Arches, St Mary’s Church, in Putney, United Kingdom. Thomas will stage the show using a £1,200 grant from the Wandsworth Arts Fringe.

“When I came out when I was younger my mum never really accepted it and it was just never spoken about,” Thomas told the Southwest Londoner.

“Boxing and then wrestling between me and my friends became new-found homes and that’s what this play explores. It’s about me and my gay friends when we were younger and how we all came together through our love of wrestling.”

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“The grant is amazing because there has never really been an even playing field for gay actors and writers,” he also added.“Part of the Wandsworth grant involves us speaking to gay men now in their 50s and 60s who lived through when it was illegal to be yourself, so I’m really excited to do that. But I want all people to come and see this play, not just gay people.”

Thomas further added that the play will include an exploration of antigay laws and changing views of LGBTQ people through the years. He also assured the audience that the play will also include a fair amount of humor, and some homoerotic wrestling sessions on the stage.

Thomas’ new play is just one example of several LGBTQ wrestlers that have gone public with their personal stories. Other wrestlers to have come out include Danger Kid, Toni Storm, Charlie Cashew, Jake Atlas, Cameron Saturn and Nyla Rose.