Gay Professor Shaked His Rump

Journalism professor Craig Seymour owes his career to male strippers.

The 39-year old academic wrote his master’s thesis on the cultural economics of the profession – it was called “Desire and Dollar Bills: An Ethnography of a Gay Male Striptease Club in Washington, D.C.” – and later went on to pay for his Ph.D. by gyrating himself.

Though the money definitely helped matters, Seymour insists he didn’t do it simply for the dough: “It was about feeling insecure about myself.” Apparently Seymour feels secure about himself enough to tell all – he’s releasing a memoir on his experience, All I Could Bare: My Life in the Strip Clubs of Gay Washington, D.C.

Now that he’s wrapped a stint in Dartmouth’s English department, Seymour’s headed to Northern Illinois University, where he hopes to get tenure. At least he has a backup plan if it doesn’t work out.

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  • ahem

    he taught at the university of massachusetts in Dartmouth, Mass. NOT at Dartmouth College. fact check people, fact check. simple googling.

  • Craig Seymour

    The second poster is right. I taught at UMASS Dartmouth. The first poster is totally buggin’ because I have not created a personal profile at whatever that site is nor am I seeking “young and hot girls.” Just fyi – Craig

  • fredo777

    Well, as for his backup plan, he could back that thing up on me anytime.


    I know you’ve since posted, Craig, (which makes that line all the more awkward to post) but I still wanted to use it.

  • hmmmm

    He’s so cute.

  • James

    oh thank GOD someone said something about the dartmouth thing… That fact changes the story entirely.

  • RPCV

    Craig, did Bob Bauman ever stuff a buck in your ass crack at the Chesapeake House???

  • Craig Seymour

    Haha. Thanks for all the cute comments, and no, Bob Bauman (and the Chesapeake House, for that matter) were a little before my time. I talk about it in the book, though…

  • Bob Hall

    I just finished reading “All I Could Bear” and I was very surprised. I thought this would be some mindless soft porn story with and we all live happily ever after at the end, but I was pleasantly surprised. Having lived with someone for 13 years with just such a drive, not a stripper, but might as well have been, I was able to id with a lot of what was going on and why. Thanks for a thought provoking book and best of luck. Bob Hall San Jose California

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