Gay Prom King Stays Positive

Kyle Hutchinson made a bit of history last month.

The openly gay Arizona teen received high school’s highest social honor: prom king. Too bad many of his classmates didn’t appreciate the trailblazing and made a jeer-filled show of their disappointment. While obviously the taunts hurt, Hutchinson, being a resilient young homo, refuses to let the negativity bring him down:

I’m always trying to be a good role model for other people. To tell them, ‘It’s OK to be gay. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you have to be the lowest person, treated the worst.’

The people who booed me, I forgive them. But, I guess there’s really nothing to forgive. I refuse the idea that ‘being gay’ is a reason to hate someone. I refuse to accept it, it has become obsolete. Those who do hold that hate in their hearts, well, after my crowning it is obvious they are now the minorities.

Don’t you love when inspirational figures get all sassy and shit?