Gay Proms EVERYWHERE This Month

Gay proms are all the rage these days, and we’re in the thick of the prom season. Luckily most of the gay proms out there are for adults, which means there will be less vomiting as the older people have more practice holding their liquor. But the outfits will still be tacky and the STD’s will still be passed around (although probably without as many unplanned pregnancies).

Some of our favorites:

• May 29, a.k.a. Memorial Day, shall welcome the first Sassy Prom, to be held at a bar called “here!” But don’t let the lounge location fool you, this is very much the real deal. Rumor has it Leslie Jordan, our favorite elf since the Keebler boys, will be on hand to crown the king and queen, as well as present the “Spirit Of Sassy” award, for the biggest drunkest mess of the night. The winner even gets a sash! We are so there. Formal dress requested, please. Over 21 only.

• The Lambda Youth Project of Hayward, CA–outside San Francisco–is hosting a youth prom June 10. We imagine all the cool kids from San Fran will be there. [Gay Prom]

Pridelines Youth Services of Miami, FL, is hosting their gay youth prom on June 10. Can’t find any info online about it, but it will be held at Temple Israel, 137 NE 19th St. Ages 13-19.

• Saturday, May 13–that’s THIS SATURDAY!–BAGLY (Boston Area Gay Lesbian Youth) is holding their annual Youth Pride Day, including their gay prom at Boston City Hall, which is a gorgeous building. [BAGLY]