Who’s Harassing Whom? Gay Protesters Bump Heads With Priest Outside Chick-Fil-A

If the shooting at the Family Rights Council proved anything — at least to the conservative constituency — it’s that intolerance goes both ways.

Though we’re clearly taking it with a grain of salt, The Gateway Pundit posted a video of “horrible gay activists” attacking a priest while protesting in front of a Chick-Fil-A in Chicago earlier this month. The activists from the Gay Liberation Network can be heard chanting “hateful bigot” to Father Gerald O’Reilly, who claims he was simply “praying the rosary.”

When asked by the cameraman if he had “ever been treated that way by any other group or person,” the priest responds solemnly, “No, no…and when I asked them about tolerance, they said they don’t want tolerance, they want equality.”

What do you think? The priest, if he’s a priest at all, could just have been there to provoke the protesters, or the protesters could just have been easily provoked. Was this a stunt or were the “radical gay activists” guilty of being intolerant?

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  • Cam

    So once again, Lester Braithwait has ignored all the anti-gay activities, bills, politicians, and bashings all over the country and has written a post that paints gays as aggressors and attackers.

    He has also posted articles about a pedophile because of course in Lester’s mind, that man is gay, and an article about a gay guy who lied about being gay bashed.

    Just curious. Since Queerty also won’t post anything anymore about the Mormon church’s attacks on us….did they send you Lester to systematically post articles that paint gays in a bad light?

  • Kev C

    Father O’Reilly was straight up trolling. What do he expect would happen?

  • Fitz

    I give myself permission to be as uncivil, (and more), as I need to be when it comes to defending my family.

  • Neo

    @Cam: Yup, absolutely true Cam, also something I have noticed.

  • Ridpathos

    Why do the worst people have to represent the LGBT community?

  • Andy

    Would be nice if Queerty had bothered to ask any who were there what happened. In these days of Breitbart-style film editing, that would seem to be a basic tenet of responsible journalism. Truth is, this “priest” waded into our picket line and attempted to break it up. He was so belligerent that cops soon stepped in and pushed him away.

    No one had attempted to wade into their smaller counter-protest. This guy pushed in with his aggressive bigotry and tried to start something, hoping that someone would throw a punch at him, and get that person arrested by the cops. Fortunately no one took the bait.

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