Gay Publisher Defends Model

Not all the gays are hating on Ben Massing, the model who’s suing Genre magazine for their “lewd” portrayal of his rippling body and revealing personal details.

Jeff Woodward, the association publisher for New York bar rag Next, sent us the following note yesterday:

Ben’s a friend of mine… and straight… but as far as you can get from homophobic. I met him a few years ago. He is a Florida friend of Next‘s owner’s boyfriend who is also from Florida. He would always hang around the Next offices when he was up in NYC doing shoots and auditions and all the boys here loved him.

I haven’t spoken to him in a while, but can assure you he’s not the idiotic homophobe he’s being portrayed as. He’s a sweet funny kid who is going to go far. He knows the gay boys like to look at him and could care less about how that is perceived.

That’s good, because a lot of people are mad at him at the moment.

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  • John

    The person from Next magazine who is quoted should at least know how to speak properly. The expression is “could NOT care less,” and not “could care less.”

  • EdWoody

    Make him get his nob out, then we’ll like him again.

  • Reallyoverthisguy

    I’ll say nice things about him too if he lets me touch it once in a while.

  • Jeff Woodward

    “Could not care less about anything” means the same thing as “Could care less about nothing”… the last two words are implied.

  • Qjersey

    Couldn’t care less what the editor or publisher of NeXt has to say about anything


    Young Ben: You spend a lot of time at GAY magazine ‘Next.’ You are close friends with high level and public GAY people. You model for ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH (hello!?). The image you contest AS VULGAR is THE LEAD image on your MYSPACE PAGE. You model for the GAY communities BEST and most well known GAY media photographer who shoots for Instinct and Genre each month. You PULL YOUR PANTS DOWN in front of HIS camera without YOU INSISTING you sign a model release. You spend time at GAY bars. And you OPPORTUNISTICALLY sue a GAY magazine (because you CAN and see the money you may win). Clearly you must be broke or very ill advised, Ben, at the very same time you have demonstrated what sucks about America and it’s lawsuit-happy-for-cash society. No problem though, ALL of the photo editors in LA, Milan, and New York will BLACK LIST you NOT because you were in a gay magazine BUT BECAUSE of what you are about to do. Good luck YOUNG Ben.

  • Jim

    Wait a minute, is this “non-homophobic” model dude the same guy who posted the homophobic comments here when the story broke, or was that that OTHER disgruntled model dude who was bitching about fags slobbering over his shots? Oh my, too many troublesome model dudes at the moment, I’m so confuuuuused.

  • Kenny Jimno

    Kenny Jimno says “you got to be kidding. Ben is building a name for himself as a homophobe and it worked, he is.”

  • Insideguy

    Media whores should not throw lawsuits at publicity outlets.

  • Wow

    “He knows the gay boys like to look at him and could care less about how that is perceived.”

    Yet that is EXACTLY why he says he’s suing!!!??

    So a gay publisher is defending him, saying he doesn’t mind that “gay boys like to look at him” and “he could care less about how that is perceived”, YET, as per his lawsuit, HE IS SUING OVER THE GAY ATTENTION, and HE IS SUING OVER THE POTENTIAL LOST REVENUE FROM HOW THAT IS BEING PERCEIVED. So basically, this testament to his character is false. Again, leaving “is he suing over being a homophobe” or “is he suing to gold dig”…..or both.

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