Gay Publisher Defends Model

Not all the gays are hating on Ben Massing, the model who’s suing Genre magazine for their “lewd” portrayal of his rippling body and revealing personal details.

Jeff Woodward, the association publisher for New York bar rag Next, sent us the following note yesterday:

Ben’s a friend of mine… and straight… but as far as you can get from homophobic. I met him a few years ago. He is a Florida friend of Next‘s owner’s boyfriend who is also from Florida. He would always hang around the Next offices when he was up in NYC doing shoots and auditions and all the boys here loved him.

I haven’t spoken to him in a while, but can assure you he’s not the idiotic homophobe he’s being portrayed as. He’s a sweet funny kid who is going to go far. He knows the gay boys like to look at him and could care less about how that is perceived.

That’s good, because a lot of people are mad at him at the moment.