Supernatural Critters

Gay Puppy Love for Comic Book iZombie‘s Were-Cutie?

Full of even more supernatural critters than HBO’s True Blood, Vertigo comic series iZombie, which revolves around Gwen, a beautiful female gravedigger/detective in Oregon who must eat human brains or turn into a rotting zombie, also takes a queer turn with its latest issue.

In recent months, Gwen’s nerdy friend Scott, aka Spot—a were-terrier, and yes, as in the cute little domesticated breed some of you own—started grappling with impulses to hump the leg of Gwen’s dashing blonde brother, Gavin. In iZombie #19, he goes on a first date with his burgeoning man-crush. During the awkward encounter, the we-knew-he-was Gavin definitively comes out (“I figured out I was gay when I was thirteen” he confesses) and Scott gets a good first cuddle—until a mysterious homophobic ghost possesses Gavin and sends Scott away even more confused than Marcus Bachmann.

A publicist at DC Comics, publisher of Vertigo’s titles, tells us that Scott and Gavin’s bad romance arc will continue through issue 23, while the characters will continue to be part of the title even beyond that. So don’t worry, Scott: It gets better—and there’s a Milk-Bone in it for you if you’re good!