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This Quebec nightclub allegedly kicked out patrons for being too gay

Quebec nightclub Le Dagobert was recently called out for asking patrons to leave for seeming, get this, “too homosexual.”

According to Global News Canada, Dagobert clubgoer Nicolas Gaudreault and his friends were asked by club staff to leave after complaints and aggression from fellow patrons over Gaudreault and co.’s flamboyant demeanors.

“Some customers were bothered by our clothes, bothered by our dance moves,” Nicolas Gaudreault writes on social media. “The employee asked us to leave before it turned into a fight.”

Apparently, other clubgoers verbally abused the group and even threw bottle corks at them.

“A club employee came to see me around 11:45pm to tell me regular customers think we don’t have a place here. Some clients found our clothes turbulent, our dance movements turbulent, but especially our people were annoyed. So the employee asked us to leave before the battle was over,” a translated version of his statement reads.

This all comes on the heels of singer Emile Bilodeau allegedly calling for his audience to boycott the club while performing at a nearby festival the week prior, as well as performing a crude song attacking the nightclub.

Dagobert employees claim Bilodeau’s performance has not only led to these more aggressive, less desirable patrons coming in, but also increased instances of violence and threats to club staff.

Still, the decision of this particular employee to ask Gaudreault and his friends to leave rather than the aggressors targeting them was clearly the wrong move.

In a statement, the nightclub has acknowledged that the “ill-intentioned customers should have been expelled” instead.

“After further verifications, interrogations, and viewing of images, we found that an employee took the initiative to suggest to customers to move or to leave,” the club says, before confirming that the offending employee has been fired from the club.

“I’m still shocked,” Gaudreault writes. “We were only dancing and having fun. Of course we looked gay, because we are. And I’ll never be ashamed of it.”

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