Gay Rape Campaign Up In San Fran.

Eighteen San Franciscan men claim they were raped this year. Eighteen in six months. Pretty scary, right? It’s more frightening to consider the numbers may be higher, as most men don’t report being raped. In light of this ugly reality, city officials are launching a campaign encouraging men to come forward about being raped…

On the eve of the annual gay pride weekend, San Francisco officials have launched a campaign to encourage gay men who have been raped to report the attacks.

The tri-lingual awareness campaign will feature posters on every Municipal Transit Agency bus in San Francisco, District Attorney Kamala Harris said in a city hall press conference Wednesday. The posters feature a man with the caption, “I thought he was a great guy … until he raped me.”

The campaign is in response to a rise in rapes reported by gay men. According to Harris, 18 men have reported being raped since January of this year. Most of the crimes were in the Castro, she said.

Alright, the campaign’s all well and good, but maybe maybe they should consider one discouraging rape all together. Just a thought…

Also, be sure to check out the Men Surviving Rape website.