Will National Party Come To Its Senses?

Gay Republicans Have Brains

While Mitt Romney continues to pander to social conservatives, gay Republicans like Doug Warner are coming out to save the Republican party’s soul:

Doug Warner seems like a stereotypical Republican: Southern, white, male, he served in the military, drives an SUV and likes hunting and fishing. He is also openly gay.

Warner’s sexual orientation makes for an awkward fit in a party with a powerful evangelical Christian wing that regards homosexuality as a sin and same-sex marriage as a threat to the traditional family.

“I believe that the approach of the social extremists eliminates our party’s ability to grow in the future,” he told Reuters by phone from his home in Charleston, South Carolina.

Gay Republican activists say the party needs to expand its base if it wants to remain relevant by shedding its anti-abortion and anti-gay rights platforms and aiming for the political center on social issues.

While Warner and the Log Cabin Republicans know what’s up, we wonder if that national party will learn from its past mistakes. We hope so, because, as Log Cabin leader Patrick Sammon pointed out, our nation can’t function with one party.

Actually, it can’t really function with two…