Gay Republicans May Be Conservative But They Partied Liberally At Homocon

Sometimes you gotta put aside your party’s continued denial of your right to exist and just DANCE! That was the case in ‘mo mecca Ybor City where the gay republicans let their weaves down at The Honey Pot for the third annual Homocon.

Featuring the requisite go-go boys  bafflingly wearing shirts — but we guess it wasn’t that kind of party — touting “Freedom Is Fabulous,” the event was organized by the conservative queens at GOProud and attended by Republicans of both the Log Cabin and regular, humdrum cabin constituencies.

Of course no event involving the gays and the Republicans would be complete without some religious protesters, but they’re really not known for their ability to party and were long gone by the time Homocon rolled out of the gutter at 3 a.m.

Highlighting the economy in his address to the crowd, GOProud co-founder and executive director Jimmy LSalvia quipped, “As most of you know I support civil marriage for gay couples. And marriage is important. But before you get married, you need a date, and everybody knows you can’t get a date without a job.”

And who said politics couldn’t be funny? Because they really hit it on the nose with that one. All in all, the event saw some 500 attendees, many who were given disco ball key chains as departing gifts…adding to the collections of everyone there.

Since 3 a.m. is still relatively early on the conservative dance party circuit, we wonder if any of Homocon’s attendees went for a free nightcap at the nearby Ybor Spa & Resort? Let’s put that “homo” back in Homocon, kids.

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  • Gigi Gee

    I did NOT need to see that this early in the morning!

  • fagburn

    Oh, give us a gun…

  • hf2hvit

    Gay Republicans…Jewish Nazis…same idiocy

  • Fitz

    If I saw a bunch of skin heads throwing rocks at them, I would bring them more rocks.

  • Brandon

    That picture…

    It’s nice to know they are as delusional about age appropriate swimwear as they are about political affiliation.

    I bet if they stripped every song that was made by a liberal from their playlist, they would be left without music.

  • Papi Balenciaga

    @Gigi Gee: It’s NO better in the afternoon.. I just can’t get past those long, bird-like thighs.

  • Neo

    @hf2hvit: Please sir, please kill me last.

  • PTBoat

    Really, Speedos? Are they trying to perpetuate stereotypes? Besides, I like the male form in all of its expressions, but I kind of think that only people in actual pool related sports should don Speedos.

  • scott2

    For those of you who frequent bathhouses, these two are some of the better specimens one sees there. The fact is that age is a bitch and older gays are usually in better shape (or less bad shape) than their straight contemporaries. That’s what awaits you young’uns.

  • tommy ousslander

    I may be anti-speedos but some of the ageism and calls for violence, show what kind of people you really are.

  • Aidan8

    LaSalvia’s comment about marriage equality/dating/jobs is inane. I just don’t get the GOProuders and Log Cabinites…. is it repressed self-loathing or something?

  • andrewl

    We all grow old and at some time in our lives our bodies age. Its a fact of life and no one can escape it. You may be able to delay the inevitable but at some time your abs will dissappear, your biceps, pecs will sag. Sad but true. Try not to be too judgemental as one day the same criticims will be able to be applied to you.

  • FunMe

    Those republiCONs are insane … they care more about their $$$ even if they end up in gay concentration camps.

  • n900mixalot

    I dunno, the guys in the picture aren’t THAT unattractive … except for what they represent politically–and I wouldn’t really talk to someone who would wear a speedo so brazenly, GOP or not. But at face value: shaggable.

  • n900mixalot

    And that picture is from 2011! Where are the REAL photos from the event, hmmm?!

  • guydads

    I just noticed that Queerty used a picture I took on a RSVP cruise several years ago. I don’t know the 2 men in the picture but I thought they were sexy and loved the joy and happiness they conveyed in their dancing. Too bad Queerty (and their bitter queen commenters) hold them up to ridicule and mock their age. (Guess what? Not all gays are 20-something twinks.) The picture had nothing to do with conservatives, Republicans, RNC, or homocons. It’s just the joy of dancing on the deck of a ship with hundreds of other gay men. What’s not to love?

  • startenout

    I am amazed/ashamed at how many of the comments on here deal with the picture accompanying the article and essentially how they should be ashamed because they are older and not the article itself. I wonder why people think we’re shallow and narcissistic…hmmmm

    ANYWAY, while I guess I should be proud that there are gay Republicans theoretically fighting for the cause from within, they are only concerned with their own pocketbooks and not social change for everyone which seems to be the overall theme for their party at the moment. LaSalvia’s quote is the worst kind of pandering. Guess what, even the poor and unemployed can and do get married, so how about getting me that right first so that all my money doesn’t have to keep going to organizations fighting for it?

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