Gay Reverend Might Be First Gay Bishop In Cali

gay bishop

An openly gay reverend from Seattle is in the running to be the Episcopal Bishop of California. Even more interesting, of the five candidates in the running, Rev. Robert Taylor isn’t the only openly gay contestant – lesbian Bonnie Perry of the All Saints Church in Chicago is also up for the job.

“I feel just honored and humbled by the trust and faith of the diocese in including me on their list of nominees,” said Taylor. He added that he hopes the church will focus on issues other than gay clergy, such as poverty, health care, and ministering to the larger society. Taylor is known for his work on social justice, community outreach, and interfaith efforts.

While we have nothing but great things to say about the Episcopal Church allowing not one but two members of the GLTB community in the running, we do hope we have a little cat fight on our hands. You know how competitive lesbians can get. And as for the gay man, well, let’s just hope he’s not PMS-ing on the day they vote.

Episcopal Church may elect second openly gay bishop [Advocate]

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