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Gay right-wing YouTuber Dave Rubin invites Don Jr. to call him a “f*g” because “now we’re equal!”

Gay right-winger Dave Rubin had Donald Trump Jr. on his YouTube show this week where he gave the president’s eldest son permission to call him a “f*g” anytime he wants.

Don Jr. was there to promote his new book, which we’re sure will be hitting bookstore bargain bins sometime after the holidays. During the hour-long exchange, the topic of LGBTQ rights came up.

Don Jr. posed the question: “As a gay man, what are your thoughts as it relates to, outspoken activist homosexual people getting owned by the trans movement like ‘it’s not enough’ after the years that you guys fought to get the equality that you have?”

To which Rubin, who came out publicly in 2006, replied: “All I ever wanted was exact equality under the law. That’s what we’ve got. Now we’re equal. You can call me whatever you want. You could call me a ‘f*g’ right now and it wouldn’t mean anything to me.”

Just for the record, LGBTQ are not equal under the law, as Rubin seems to think.

There are still 28 states that don’t offer any protections for LGBTQ people from discrimination in employment, housing, or public accommodations. SCOTUS ruled last year that it’s legal for businesses to refuse services to people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, and is currently mulling over where it should be legal to fire people simply for being gay. And Congress still can’t pass the Equality Act.

While Don Jr. didn’t take Rubin up on his offer to call him a “f*g,” he did take a moment to suggest that LGBTQ people are being greedy for wanted so much equality.

“They actually don’t want equality,” he said. “They want more than equality. Everyone needs some sort of form of reparations. … For problems that probably no one had ever heard of or even knew existed, so it wasn’t like they were oppressed like some communities actually were. I didn’t know what trans was until a few years ago probably.”

OK, so because Don Jr. didn’t know what being trans was until a few years ago, that means trans people exist until a few years ago, which means they couldn’t have been oppressed. Or something.

Watch the exchange below. Or don’t.