Gay Rivalry.

Alec Baldwin has already come out against born-again Christian brother Stephen Baldwin’s anti-gay politics. Now William Baldwin has something to say: “My brother Stephen does not have a political bone in his body… He hides behind the Word and whenever you confront him he’ll hide behind some verse. He’ll say, “All that really matters to me is that the Lord said blah blah blah blah” and he’ll fill in the blank… I don’t love my brother any less, but I think he’s very confused.” [Out]

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  • tim

    I knew Stephen is a confused guy. He is so whimpy and complain as a wart. He is no good actor at all becasue of his looking make me so voimt all day…

  • Rena

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  • hells kitchen guy

    The Baldwin Bros. are like the 21st Century Mitford Sisters. Or something.

  • AnotherRick

    One would expect a “born-again” Christian to actually model his life on his messiah, and with an adult’s rationality adhere strictly to his prophet’s words and teachings.

    But Jesus Christ only taught loving inclusion without judgment, and had nothing whatsoever to say on the subject of homosexuality.

    Fucking over your saviour like that sure sounds like a quicker highway to hell and damnation than puttin’ a dick or two in yer mouth…

  • akaison

    The thing is I’ve met born again Evangelicals who are not lock step knee jerk about what it means for governmental action like civil unions. They aren’t for marriage, but did say they didn’t like it, but were okay with civil unions. So, it’s the unthinking part of the “Bible says …” that’s the problem with most people?

  • Dom

    Funny, I used to think that Stephen Baldwin would have made a great power bottom in the gay porn industry. Now he just looks played out. I find it quite amusing that gay porn actors who stay on their knees to give head always look so good, while little Stevie stays on his knees to service his hypocritical “Lord” and ends up looking like shit. What a shame. He had one of the nicest asses in the movies.

  • foofyjim

    I love you Dom! Every time I see him or hear his name, I will now associate Stephen Baldwin with gay porn and power bottoms.

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