I, 'MoBot

Gay Robot Booed Out Of Michele Bachmann Rally in Iowa City

“I am a gay robot,” said a man clad in a strange silver suit at a Michele Bachmann rally  yesterday afternoon in Iowa City. “I oppose Bachmann’s position on gays,—whether they are human or robot.”

The robo-homo–who claimed “I was programmed to do this. I cannot help myself—was promptly shouted down by the crowd. After calling them “homophobes,” he left to chuckles and cheers of “Go back in the closet!”

The trickster, University of Iowa professor Kembrew McLeod, has a history of pulling such pranks: At a campaign event for Hillary Clinton in 2007, the gay robot heckled husband Bill, who was stumping for his wife. “I want you to apologize to Sister Souljah,” he robo-barked at Bubba.

We get that this guy wants to be edgy, but he needs to make his costume a lot more fabulous. He looks like he gives blowjobs to Stormtroopers in the back alleys of Tatooine.