Gay Rugby Ref To Make History

Today’s an important day in the history of sports, to be sure.

Tonight, for the first time that we can recall, a real life homo will referee an international World Cup rugby game when Nigel Owens calls the shots between Georgia and Argentina.

Like so many jockos, it took Owens years to except he’s also a homo. Since coming out, however, Owens has found the sporting life to be surprisingly accepting and tells The Times‘ Matt Dickinson that not much has changed, aside from a few juvenile jabs here and there.

Undeterred, Owens wants the world to know we gays come in more than just a shade of pink:

It is about perceptions. We are not all camp like Daffyd [the staunch “homosexualist” and “only gay in the village” in Little Britain]. Maybe if I was, it would have been more difficult to accept me.

Or, in some cases, easier.