Gay Rugger Gareth Thomas Has Some Eye Candy For You

THE SHOT – Openly gay rugby player Gareth Thomas recently sent out a tweet that said, “Boom boom boom.I’m back in the room.been a busy bee.check out this photo I did for American magazine;)”. He then proceeded to link to this photograph which we share here for your drooling pleasure. What magazine, Gareth? For God’s sake tell us!

Image via GarethThomas14 via Towleroad


Via Towleroad

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  • Lefty

    ZOMGZ!!1! *spunks everywhere*

  • Nick

    I can’t breathe..!

  • Thomas Maguire

    There we go.

  • Ted

    He has a hot body but his face is fugly.

  • RomanHans

    Ted, we can’t all live up to your perfection.

  • Fitz

    I think he is just amazing, on so many levels. And you can see those incredibly muscular thighs. Holy cow.

  • Ted

    @RomanHans: You guys know it’s true.Don’t blame me.

  • alfonzo


    He’s handsome to me. I don’t mind his face, you’re attitude on the other hand…

  • blue moose

    Finally atruly hot guy-man, and not one of your typically plucked sexless bp!

  • walt

    I like his face.

  • Lefty

    I like everything about him.

  • Tony

    Gays are so phony!! I happen to find Mr. Thomas hot, but my beef is with these guys saying things like ewww at least he’s not another, plucked, waxed, young..etc. I don’t care how much these gays claim they don’t like guys like the model in today’s Morning Goods for instance..if Mr. Morning Goods walked into ANY bear bar in the country, he would have to fight men off him. If you don’t believe me, put on your best leather chaps, go to a “man’s man” bar with your rough skin, hairy chest, facial hair, and beefy belly, and lean up against the wall in your hottest manliest pose…then let a Taylor Lautner lookalike post up next to you. Who do you honestly think is going to get all the attention from these manly men that supposedly want someone like themselves? I’m almost 40 and I like all types of men..but I’m not going to deny young + hot body + gorgeous face wins out 90% of the time.

  • BinghamTun

    @Tony: You’re greatly correct. But I think there’s a little more variation in tastes than that (I’d say Taylor Lautner will win out 75 percent of the time, though). And so what if Ted says he thinks the guy’s face is fugly, that’s his opinion. If Gareth is going to put himself out there he has to take criticism as well as praise.

  • Bryan

    If his face is ugly then Daniel Craig is ugly too, and yet I see many people fawning over the latter when to me both kinda have the same rugged, rough facial structure.

  • Frank

    Finally a real man on Queerty…

  • blue moose

    What makes guys like gareth thomas, danial craig or clive owen sexy, is that you feel like there is something there. Had no idea who this taylor guy was till I googled him. This guy does nothing for me he is like a slice of white bred, plain and generic. Which come to think of it is what a lot of the guys in the “ascension” pictures look like .

  • Storm

    Fuck. Now I’ve got to clean the tongue-prints off my screen.

  • Rico1907

    @Tony: I don’t agree with what you are saying. No, the guy you are describing in your bar scenario is not someone I would be attracted to and though Taylor Lautner is kinda cute in a funny looking odd kind of way- he does not do it for me either. I can list a ton of guys that if they were standing next to Taylor Lautner that I and a ton of other people I know would make Taylor Lautner seem invisible: Dewayne Johnson “The Rock”, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Dhani Jones, Terrel Owens, Buck Branson (solo pornstar), Mario Borelli (solo pornstar), Alex Castro, and many others. Now the men I listed are my “OWN PERSONAL TASTE” but again men who look like them wouldn’t even let me pass one glance at Taylor Lautner. Now, I didn’t see the Morning Goods guy for today (most of the time they are really attractive-not my taste but very good looking men), but you are correct in the fact that I don’t beleive any of the people when they say that he isn’t attractive and they go on and on about his waxed chest or his overly muscular body. I just think they are jealous because they don’t look that way or feel like guys like that would never date them.

  • darkskin bttms R survivors

    Yes Sir! Yes Sir!! Good Job Queerty

  • Lefty

    What is this “real man” bullshit?
    Wtf is the other kind supposed to be? A fake man???

  • shannon


  • Guillermo3

    Damn Silly Girls.

  • kae

    The most impressive thing about GT isn’t his physique; it’s his heart and soul. He is absolutely lovely; a real soft hearted, passionate and caring guy. Added to that he is unpretentious, real and down to earth. He is the opposite of a stereotype of any sort. I happen to think that he is the epitome of a man and very beautiful; look at those eyes; you can see he has been through the ringer and come out a humble man.

  • ADAM

    GARY THOMAS is well (FIT)

  • Mike UK

    I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating biscuits!!! as for his face looking like it’s hit a brick wall, yours would as well if you’ve played rugby at the level this guy has!!!

  • horace

    We all want to think PC and all but the funny thing is our dicks decide what they like and there is nothing PC about that. They simply like what they like regarding race, weight, age,
    looks, you name it.

  • mz.sam

    OMFG!!!…I just shot one in the eye!


    I think it’s good that he came out. Even though I think that it is important to celebrate all people and all forms of gender expression, it certainly does break down a lot of stereotypes to have a muscular rugby player come out as gay.

    Congratulations, Gareth Thomas!

  • DarkZephyr

    @Tony: If they like the plucked model boy type, why would they go to a bear bar? Did you know that bear bars exist for a specific reason? Have you never heard of bear chasers before? Many bear chasers would puke before picking the non-bear and that’s the truth. People have preferences. Me, I like all types of guys, so I would take the bear AND the model boy because I am greedy like that. And what’s wrong with Gareth’s face? I think he is chiseled and handsome. I will tell you who I WOULDN’T pick though, and that’s a guy who is as unkind as you are. I don’t care if you believe that or not because in the past before I got engaged (to a very hairy hunk of delicious athletic man flesh) I have had a choice between a jerk of a demi-god and a sweetheart average joe before and I swear to you, the sweetheart average joe won out because bad attitudes truly make me nauseous.

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